Friday, February 21, 2014

Follow Through Friday - # 6


Last week I scaled back my goals for the week.  There were a couple I had been adding each week, but not putting any effort into.  I decided to just leave them off the list and come back to them at a later date!

That bit me in the ass!

Let's review shall we?

Last week:

  • Walk my required km for each day - 5.70 km
  • Lose 1 lb
  • Continue with the 30-Day Water Challenge
  • TOPS CHALLENGE - eat more fruit and veggies
2 out of 4 (details below)

  • I got back on track with my walking and picked up a few lost km along the way
  • I  gained...1.25 lbs, so disappointed!
  • The water challenge is halfway through and it's getting easier everyday!
  • I really didn't have any interest in this one either and didn't bother to purchase anything to help this one along.

Goals For The Week

  • Walk my required km for each day - 5.70 km
  • Lose 1 lb
  • Continue with the 30-Day Water Challenge
  • Food Journal EVERYTHING and stay within my calorie limit (1600 as per Lose It)
  • TOPS CHALLENGE - Follow Canada's Food Guide (this was my contribution)
  • Increase the speed on my treadmill from 2.5 to 2.6


I didn't think I had a terrible week food wise, but perhaps I did.  I have no real explanation as to why the scale was up.  Exercise was bang on and so was water consumption.  The only piece of the puzzle missing is the food aspect.  I just need to find some self discipline and control to stay away from foods that I don't need.  It's also good timing that my challenge for TOPS came up too.  I need some sort of guidance and the Food Guide will be a good place to start.  You can find your own copy of it here if you like.


While I am doing very well with my walking challenge, I think it's time to work on taking it from a natural pace to one that makes me work a bit harder.  I am the first to admit that I don't walk fast enough to sweat, nor do I feel my heart pounding.  I am going to take it slow and gradually increase my speed by .1 km each week until I get comfortable doing 3.0 km/hour for 45 minutes.  I want to get back to the C25K program again, but I still don't think my feet are ready for it.  I am terrified to try it and end up sidelining myself from anything to do with my feet for months!  Perhaps I also need to consider increasing my time on the treadmill.  I am actually hoping the nice weather will take care of this, allowing me a bit of a walk at work earlier in the day and then my usual jaunt in the evening.

Hope you will join me at the link up this week!


  1. I think it's great that you're drinking your water and getting your walking in! The food is the hard part, isn't it?

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