Wednesday, June 29, 2016

So Yeah........

It's amazing how time flies!

I have hardly paid any attention to this little blog space in quite some time.

So, here's the thing....I'm back on my low wave of motivation and inspiration and I am trying my hardest to ramp it back up.  I did really well and lost almost 10 lbs in a month and then in a quick 3 weeks, I let myself slack and put on 3 lbs!  I was so disheartened, with no one to blame but myself of course.  I just gave up on watching what I was eating and didn't think twice about that piece of chocolate or that ice cream bar, etc.  I didn't worry about my step goal each day or doing any form of extra exercise.

I was having a little conversation with another friend on her own journey.  I asked her what she was doing to be so successful.  Aside from her weekly meetings with TOPS for accountability, she is also doing Weight Watchers online to help with staying on track with the food.  Why had I not ever thought of that?  I always avoided Weight Watchers like the plague, because it's expensive and meetings are about 30 minutes away from me.  So I looked up the cost to do it online and it's only $22 a month, which isn't crazy expensive, considering I can spend that on crap each month.  So, I'm going to give it a shot.  Perhaps it will give me the boost I need to get me through for a little bit longer.

I wish I could simply calorie count and exercise on my own, but it's not working out for me in the long run.

So, I am going to finish up this post and head on over and sign up.  No excuses, if's and's or but's!

What are you going to do to make a change for the better in your life?  How is your current plan working out for you?  If it's not....make a change.