Friday, December 30, 2016

As One Year Ends......

 A new one begins and I feel refreshed and determined.

While my overall weight is lower than it was when the year started....not as low as I wanted.

I have some good plans in place to make it happen and my bestie Julie and I have great plans in the works to be successful!

This year's motto:

I AM......

What is your motto for 2017?

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

2nd Day of Fitmas

On the 2nd day of fitmas, my Tuesday gave to TOPS Christmas Potluck Party!"

Today is Tuesday, which means it's TOPS night.  While I haven't blogged or reported on it in quite some time....I am still a member.  Tonight is our annual Christmas potluck.  I am bringing my "famous" cold veggie pizza and bringing some buns and butter.

I say famous because it goes over so well and it's the only time I get it.

I'm hoping to also get my miles in before the party, it will just depend on how my day goes.

I will do a bigger blog update later with my trek to North Pole, Alaska later :-)

Monday, December 12, 2016

1st Day of Fitmas

"On the first day of fitmas, my best friend gave to me.....a challenge to get me healthy!"

Did you sing along?

So, today marks the first day of a virtual walking challenge sponsored by Yes Fit.  It's a Christmas themed one, with limited medals available.  The minute my girlfriend Julie brought it to my attention, I knew I had to sign up!  I had to because I have actually been to this destination, and it was during some of the best times in my life!

The challenge is pretty simple...the race itself is 11.5 miles or 18.5 km, for us Canadians!  We decided to give ourselves 12 days to complete it...starting yesterday technically and ending on December 23rd.  For me it means I have to walk about 1.5 km each day extra.  As part of the challenge, we also agreed to wear festive hats while doing it and be pretty active on all our forms of social stay tuned to Facebook and Instagram for me.

Even though it's too late you officially join the race and earn the can still join us in spirit!!  Follow along with us on Facebook or on Instagram...we have some awesome hashtags for you to throw around!!