Friday, June 29, 2012

Reality TV

I want to let you in on a little secret....I HATE weight loss reality shows!  I mean HATE!! There are so few things in life that I dislike so much where I bring out the "H" word!

Before I get into the reason why I detest them so much....let me say, if you love them and find them inspirational, by all means, hunker down each week and enjoy!  Really! What ever floats your boat!

But me?!?  I find them VERY unrealistic!  Not in the sense that these people need to lose weight and work hard to do it, unrealistic in the way that how can they possbily fail?

If you took me away from all my committments of life, gave me a personal trainer and proper nutrition available to me at all times, I would be successful too!  Who wouldn't.  But in real life, it doesn' t work that way.  These people leave their families and their jobs and make weight loss their full time job!

I am going to go right out on a limb and purpose a weight loss reality show where the contestant must lose copius amounts of weight while raising a family, working full time, cleaning the house and cooking meals as well as other everyday things like cleaning up cat puke and grocery shopping!  I WOULD WATCH THAT!

Even better, I purpose they make it about me!  Wouldn't THAT get my butt in gear!?!  I will draw the line at posing and weighing in, wearing not much more than my underwear!  No one should be forced to see that (which is another pet peeve of those reailty shows...REALLY?  Does a tank top add THAT many pounds...those poor women!)

Then I want sponsors to buy me all the best fitness equipment and send me on glorious trips where I have to work out on the beaches of Hawaii....oh wait....that would fall into one of my other reality show pet peeves!

Anyhoo, make one about an average everyday person struggling not to eat the cupcake batter or find time to work out AFTER having settled the kids down an hour later than usual.  That would motivate me so much more!  I would then say....if they can do it with their hectic life, so can I.

So, if you know how to go about starting this reality show, starring little ol' me...let me know.  Until then, I will do my best to motivate myself and others through this blog!

Until next time,


Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Truth Of Tuesday Night

I say it every week, but it REALLY does surprise me how quickly these Tuesday nights sneak up on me.  Each Tuesday, I vow to focus and have a good thing I know, it's Sunday, I have had too many desserts and can't possibly work off all of those calories in 1 day!

This week, I skipped my TOPS meeting, but I had a good reason though!

Hayden was graduation Kindergarten.  Big Deal!!!  So, because I couldn't swing both, I obviously skipped my night out!

See how worthwhile it was?

This is my favorite picture...just love the goofy expression!


Don't fret....I do have numbers for you.  I had to drop some things off before the meeting, so I ran down to the church to do that and couldn't resist jumping on the scale.

Last week: 261.75 lbs
This week: 261.50 lbs

Yup, another 1/2 loss.  It's not official in the TOPS book, but I am still happy with the direction the scales are going!

Until next time,


Sunday, June 24, 2012

My Very Own Veggie Garden

Despite the fact that I am not a huge veggie eater, there are a few we eat and having in the yard is pretty handy.

Since I have had my own house, I have always had 1 tomato plant, because nothing beats a toasted tomato sandwich except perhaps one with bacon!

The only other garden fresh veggie we enjoy are potatoes.  We eat them with most every meal.  Mom and dad plant a large garden and I just go over and scoff a basket when we need them.

Once we moved to this house, we talked about planting our own garden, but we don't have a great location for one...mostly because of the dog.

Last year, I decided to forgo plants in my front flower bed and plant 4 tomato plants.
THEY DID GREAT!  I am the only one that will eat them.  It gave me plenty to put in the freezer to chop up for spaghetti sauce.

On a side note....super easy to do this.  I just washed them, cut out the core, chopped them in 4 and threw them in a freezer bag, skins and all.  THEN, when I want them for my sauce, I put them out for about 10 minutes and take out as many as I want.  Run them under some warm water and the skins just peel off.   EASY PEASY!  Try it yourself this year if you have some extra.

Back to topic...

This year, we decided to expand the veggies in the front flower bed.

 We have 6 tomato plants, 2 green pepper plants, 1 red pepper plant, green beans, carrots, romaine lettuce and about 18 potato plants.

Potato Plant


Green Pepper

Romaine Lettuce


Because I got to planting a little later then most people, I tried to pick tomatoes and peppers with some already started or at the very

Lastly, here are the beans...Hayden's beans actually.  He planted them over a month ago after bring some home from Grampa's.

It is doing SO well, it's a bit ahead of mom and dad's, despite being planted a day or so later.  Also considering he had no supervision to plant them....he had them put in before I even knew where!

He and I have an agreement.  I will eat his beans if he eats my potatoes. I don't really like beans but I will live up to my promise. He says he is going to eat them too, but I have my doubts!  Time will tell...probably in another few weeks for sure...the flowers are just starting to die off!

So, there you have it...a tour of my very own veggie garden.  I'll keep you updated on the harvest AND my bean/potato challenge!

Until next time,


Thursday, June 21, 2012

A - Z Food Challenge

As a member of TOPS, part of my yearly enrollment fee goes towards their magazine publication and each member gets a subscription. 

I will admit, not often do I really read it, but this time I did and there was a challenge in it.  This challenge lasts for a period of 4 weeks and in that time, it is encouraging you to eat an alphabet full of fruits and veggies.  The letters "u" and "x" are bonus letters only.

I started this challenge with both my girlfriend up north on the 11th and with my TOPS group on the 12th.  That does not mean I am doing double the amount of foods...I will be hard pressed to get through one round.

I just thought I would do a quick update as to where I stand in the contest.  I am pretty sure, HANDS DOWN, that I will LOSE!

(A) Apple
(B) Banana
(C) Cucumber
(G) Grapes
(L) Lettuce
(M) Mushrooms
(O) Onion
(P) Potato
(R) Raspberries
(S) Strawberries
(T) Tomato

Red - Week 1 (11th - 17th)
Green - Week 2 (18th - 24th)

Any suggestions for some of those more "obscure" letters?  I can't even begin to think of one that starts with "Z"?!?!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Truth of Tuesday Night


It's Tuesday again and a week since I have posted anything here.

Let's cut right to the chase shall we?

Last week:  262.50 lbs

This week: 261.75 lbs

Yup!  That is a loss of  .75lbs.

I really should have gotten on my knees and kissed the floor of the church we meet in!


Like as in, I didn't even want to go and get on the scales I was sure I did so poorly.

There was cheesecake and brownies, plus little exercise, I was positive the results were not going to be good.

I am going to take it as a sign and work my butt off this week.

Until next time,


Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The Truth of Tuesday Night

Another week has passed and that means it is time for my weekly TOPS meeting.

I have been looking forward to them over the past couple weeks, knowing I am working hard to see some results on the scale.

One of the things we do each week is pick a "restricted" item contributed by members.  We each submitted 2 items that are troublesome for us and each week, we will pick one from the envelope and challenge ourselves to avoid it.

This week's restricted food is:

no more than 2 servings of breads (meaning breads, rolls, bagels, etc.) or cereal (not including pasta, etc)

This selection was a bit more descriptive than usual, we have also had things such as ice cream, chips and french fries.

Feel free to follow along with this challenge.

Ok, enough stalling....time for the results on the scale.

Last week:  263.00 lbs

This week: 262.50

Again, only another 1/2 lb, which I know is pretty good, but I was hoping my running had paid off a bit.

I need to be even stricter with my food intake and ban ALL snacks and goodies.  The week I did that, I lose 3.5 lbs.

But, I will take the half pound and put another notch on the loss side of the board!

Until next time,


Saturday, June 9, 2012

Words of Wisdom

So, I decided to do the unthinkable!

Try my hand at running...FOR REAL PEOPLE!

My girlfriend inspired me to try and I thought...Hey, no one is up to see me.

This was particularly important because I planned to run on the treadmill and it makes me nervous.  Has me envision all of those America's Funnest Home Video's where people fly off the other end.

Yeah know what?  I did it!

I made myself a routine like this.

Walked for 4 minutes at about 2.5km/hr, then ran for 1 minute at 4km/hr....REPEAT!  Over the course of 30 minutes, I ran for 5.  Doesn't sound like much when you break it down like that.  But when you haven't done that since they forced you to in grade 9 (which was about 20 years ago)  That's BIG TIME baby!

I e-mailed my girlfriend and expressed my excitement...told her I was actually forehead was wet!

She said (and it made me laugh and love her more)

My fat was more than was bawling uncontrollably...but I think I like it....A LOT!

So, for anyone who thinks they can't run....unless you are short a leg...I am proof that you CAN!

Until next time,


Thursday, June 7, 2012

"Quick Fix"

Weight loss is HARD!  Doesn’t matter how much you need to lose….it’s hard.  For me, I have about 100 lbs to lose.  I often wonder if I can even do it.  I mean, I KNOW it can be done, I have seen proof, but do I have the strength and will power?  Then I get thinking…say I DO lose that much….the scarier thought is I have to maintain it!  FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE!  That is a long time!(Hopefully! Considerably less if I don’t lose it!)

As well, I will be all left over skin flabby!  Because I can’t see that tightening up.  To fix that…that takes money.  So it’s a bit disheartening to think you go through all the work to lose the weight, but you don’t look better for it.  Wrinkly Gramma skin is less attractive than jelly rolls in my mind!

A few months ago, I went for my yearly physical.  My doctor actually asked me if I wanted Gastric Bypass Surgery. 

In a perfect world, YUP!  Mostly because I am lazy like that and it seems like a solution to get the weight off quickly.

But in reality, it’s expensive…OHIP does not cover it (actually they do, but it’s a long process), I have a family and I can’t afford to be out of commission for so long, but the main one is my husband is not supportive of the idea.  He thinks it’s silly, I’m perfect the way I am and can do this on my own if I want.  I love that he has that kind of faith in me.  However, having struggled my entire life with this, the “quick fix” is very tempting.

I have still decided to do it on my own.  I would be so much more proud of myself.  Plus, I still think I CAN do it, and with the added level of support I have started, including this blog, I feel even more hopeful!

Until next time,


Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The Truth Of Tuesday Night

It is that time of the week again!

How did that happen?  They always sneak up on me?

So, here is goes...let's make it pulling off a band-aid!

Last week I weighed in at 263.50 lbs

This week I weighed in at 263.00 lbs

Yup, another loss...this time 1/2 lb.

It's not much, but it's still in the right direction.

I gotta admit...I was hoping for more, but not surprised that it wasn't.  I didn't monitor my food intake as closely and ate a few take out meals and other junk.

That just means back on track this week!

Until next time


Saturday, June 2, 2012

Are You Really Hungry?

How many times do you eat something for reasons beyond being hungry?

If you are like me...fairly often.

For me, I have many triggers, but my main ones are being bored or stressed with the kids.  The worst thing is, even when I am doing it...I KNOW it's the reason!  But for some reason, I think it will make me feel better.

I am lucky in that I am not a night time eater usually.   I remember growing up, spending time with my Gramma and she would force me to have a bedtime snack.  On the nights I do crave something after dinner, it's for one of two reasons, I didn't have enough supper or more often, didn't have enough protein at dinner.

I am trying to "embrace the hunger".  An article I read awhile ago, encouraged people to eat at only 3 set times a day.  Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.  Last week, I did this at work and my weight loss was successful.  It's tough though.   Work can get slow sometimes and that is where my boredom eating kicks in.  Fortunately, I only have so much food at work and if I go through it all by 10, then I am pretty hungry the rest of the day.  It can be a long stretch from when I have breakfast at 8, until I let myself have lunch at 12.   There can be a few of those moments when you look at the clock and say "SERIOUSLY!!!  It's only been 2 minutes since I last checked the time?"

Friday was a prime example of eating for a reason other than hunger.  I was a good girl, packed a nice lunch, but forgot something to drink.  Now, I could have stopped and got something or drank icky city tap water, but instead I persevered.  By about 1 o'clock, I had a POUNDING headache.  It's not odd for me to get a headache if I haven't had enough to eat.  I knew this wasn't the reason for my throbbing head, but instead of struggling through the city water...I gave in and told myself I needed something else to eat.  Something with sugar to boost things...I found a chocolate of those HUGE fundraising ones that could serve 12!


It didnt' taste as good as I had hoped...I was choking on the taste of failure!  I felt pretty crappy about myself after that and suffered the rest of the day.  Instead of saying, "aw well, you slipped up, back on track you go"  I had a few chips when I got home, some ice cream later, etc, etc, etc.  I find after a slip up, it takes me a couple of days to recover.

How about you?

What are your reasons for eating?  Do you eat ONLY when you are hungry or do you suffer emotional eating too?

Until next time,