Thursday, June 7, 2012

"Quick Fix"

Weight loss is HARD!  Doesn’t matter how much you need to lose….it’s hard.  For me, I have about 100 lbs to lose.  I often wonder if I can even do it.  I mean, I KNOW it can be done, I have seen proof, but do I have the strength and will power?  Then I get thinking…say I DO lose that much….the scarier thought is I have to maintain it!  FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE!  That is a long time!(Hopefully! Considerably less if I don’t lose it!)

As well, I will be all left over skin flabby!  Because I can’t see that tightening up.  To fix that…that takes money.  So it’s a bit disheartening to think you go through all the work to lose the weight, but you don’t look better for it.  Wrinkly Gramma skin is less attractive than jelly rolls in my mind!

A few months ago, I went for my yearly physical.  My doctor actually asked me if I wanted Gastric Bypass Surgery. 

In a perfect world, YUP!  Mostly because I am lazy like that and it seems like a solution to get the weight off quickly.

But in reality, it’s expensive…OHIP does not cover it (actually they do, but it’s a long process), I have a family and I can’t afford to be out of commission for so long, but the main one is my husband is not supportive of the idea.  He thinks it’s silly, I’m perfect the way I am and can do this on my own if I want.  I love that he has that kind of faith in me.  However, having struggled my entire life with this, the “quick fix” is very tempting.

I have still decided to do it on my own.  I would be so much more proud of myself.  Plus, I still think I CAN do it, and with the added level of support I have started, including this blog, I feel even more hopeful!

Until next time,



  1. Your right weight loss is hard! I believe you have made the right decision in not having a gastric bypass - I am saying this from personal experience. I had one done in 2000 (sure I lost 1/2 my body weight) but believe I was healthier actually at 298 lbs - no one realizes the long term effects it has on a body. If I could turn back time I would have tried harder - I honestly believed I would be 'happier if only I was thin' so not true. The gastric bypass made it so I couldn't eat but didn't take away the cravings or the emotional aspect. I truly felt like I lost my best friend - and that was just the beginning. Since then I gained a bit of weight and levelled off where I think my body wanted to be - even became a KOPS - BUT did end up gaining 50lbs again in 3 months from some medication I was on and have been struggling to get that off for more than a year. It wasn't until the beginning of May when I was diagnosed with Diabetes that kicked me in the butt - I am now 22 lbs away from my goal - don't wait for a health scare - do it for YOU! YOU ARE WORTH IT!

  2. So glad Brian is not on board with gastric bypass. I firmly believe that anyone can lose weight if they try and learn a little about how their body works, calories and fitness. You don't have to read text books but a little knowledge is a lot of power.

    You're right you can lose the weight. You just need to *want* to lose the weight.

    I think you want to and with a little effort you can and will! You go girl!