Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2015 Challenge

Who's up for a challenge?

As I mentioned in my last post Ashley, Julie and I have collaborated to come up with a year long challenge to help keep up motivated.

We are all busy individuals, who understand and appreciate that the challenge needs to be manageable for all walks of life.  One that can accommodate working people, married people, single people, lazy people, EVERYBODY!!!

Each month comes in 2 part is a daily calendar that includes motivating words, simple exercises and challenges for the day.  It will give you something different to try, strive for or think about each day.

We also knew there needed to be a more "intense" challenge each month and that is the second part.  Realizing that having one that lasted a whole month would be too time consuming, we agreed that a 7 day challenge would work better.  That would leave each individual participating to pick 7 consecutive days that worked best for them.

Without further ado, below you will find pictures of our calendar and mini monthly challenge.  If you like what you see, pop over and "like" my Facebook page.  You can also ask me to e-mail you the file for you to print off at home.

We hope that you will join us.  I will (hopefully) be posting and encouraging you to comment each day on my Facebook page with your progress for the challenge.

Here is to a fantastic 2015!!!

Monday, December 29, 2014

Almost The New Year

As January 1st creeps around the corner, it's time to reflect on the year past.

For me, it started out strong, peetered out in about April and never recovered.

I even tried to pull it together over the last month and still couldn't do it.  I'm sorry if I disappointed anyone by not following through with my TOPS workout plan, but in truth....I didn't follow it even one tiny bit!  Things around here got too hectic and I wasn't focused.  Even though the New Year renewal and resolution thing tend to wear out, I do always feel refreshed and eager to start a new.

Together with two of my blogging buddies, we are coming up with a plan to help motivate ourselves and possibly others for 2015.  I'm sure at least one of us will blog our plans for each month, so make sure you pop over to visit Julie and Ashley's blog.

Ashley's last post had her listing 15 things she wanted to accomplish in 2015.  I felt it was a great list, with some things I would never think to put on, because my mind wouldn't view them at BIG things, so in the spirit of all things 2015, here is MY list!

15  for '15

  1. Commit myself to this new challenge with by buddies
  2. Make no excuses to NOT go to TOPS
  3. Spend more time outdoors with my kids
  4. Read more, both to my children and for myself
  5. Minimum of  90 minutes of exercise a week
  6. Donate to our local food bank on a weekly basis
  7. Put some money in a savings account
  8. Organize decor ideas for our move
  9. Be the best Spark and Brownie leader I can be
  10. Do some strenght training
  11. Try at least 6 new recipies, even if they are just for myself
  12. Minimum of 3 "Date Nights" with my husband
  13. Have 1 month of "NO GAINS" at TOPS
  14. Get a new hair style
  15. Be more organized in general
There you have it....what sort of things are on your list for 2015?

Monday, December 1, 2014

Get Healthy & Active Plan - Week 2

So, how did everyone do with week 2?

Did you wear your pedometer and log food for 3 days?

Did you pick your mantra and say it to yourself daily?

Did you not do them all or any?

I would honestly say I fall into the last category mostly.  I picked my mantra but didn't get it on the fridge and then forgot about it.  I didn't wear my pedometer for 3 full days and I certainly didn't log one bite of food.

Does that mean I have blown the whole 10 week plan?  Nope, not a chance and if you didn't have as much success as you hoped, it means you haven't either!  Today is the start of a new week with new challenges....together we can still do this.

Eat Better
  • Begin drinking 1 glass of water with at least 2 meals each day.

Move More
  • For 3 days, add 1000 steps to your average number of daily steps.

Stay on Track
  • When you catch yourself review old hurts or beliefs ("My aunt always criticizes my weight." "I'll never be able to walk a mile"), try this:  Take a deep breath in.  As you exhale, let go of the thought.
I know I didn't do a fantastic job as a cheerleader for week 1, but what can I do for you?  What can I do to help you succeed....because if I am encouraging others, I do better for myself!