Saturday, March 29, 2014

30-Day Water Challenge...Again!

In February, I posted HERE how I was going to start the 30-Day Water Challenge.  I felt the need to up my water intake and decrease my pop intake.

I went fairly strong for the first half and it got a little lack luster towards the end.  In March when the challenge was water intake took a steep decline.

I told myself time and again that I would get back into it but I never did.  The reason was that I didn't print off the track sheet.  That little visual chart really kept me on track.  I promised myself I would get them all printed out and taped into my recording book for April.

So, for April I am going to try again.  Anyone want to join me?  I put it out there last time and I'm not sure if anyone joined me or not.  I know I had a few people who didn't feel they were up to the challenge and that 8 glasses of water a day was just setting themselves up for failure.

Here's the can't hurt to try.  If you currently are not getting in 8 glasses, you can't do worse right?  Even better....I can 110% guarantee that the police will NOT come for you if you don't drink your 8 glasses a day.  So, I suggest you try it, you might surprise yourself.  With the little check-list you might just do better then you think.  I know for me it helped that if I got in 6 and could see that I only needed to check off 2 more, it was easier to chug a glass then without it.

Come on...who's with me!?!?

Friday, March 28, 2014

Follow Through Friday - # 11

It's Friday!  It's Friday!  Link up time!


Let's look back and see how I did, shall we?  And just a week runs from Tuesday to Tuesday, so by the time I post this on Friday, my week is almost over!

Last Week:
  • Walk my required km for each day - 5.70 km
  • Lose 1 lb
  • Print out check list for the 30-Day Water Challenge until the end of October
  • Food Journal EVERYTHING and stay within my calorie limit (1559 as per Lose It)
  • TOPS CHALLENGE - No potatoes
3.5 out of 5 (details below)
  • I really don't feel like I need to touch on this one much any more.  While I still intend to keep it a weekly goal, it's not one I struggle with...that's why I like to put it first!
  • I almost didn't make it to to TOPS to weight in this week due to a hectic schedule, but I'm glad I did.  I lost my required pound and it will encourage me to keep up the good work.
  • I managed to get my sheets printed out and taped into my book.  I will start tracking again on April 1.
  • I did journal everything and while I didn't stay within my daily limit, my weekly limit was under goal.
  • I was out of this challenge the minute is was picked.  Firstly because I had done meal planning for the week and Wednesday night was calling for roast chicken and mashed potatoes.  Secondly, we are not big veggie eaters and potatoes or some other type of carb is our go-to side dish.
Goals For The Week
  • Walk my required km for each day - 5.70 km
  • Lose 1 lb
  • Food Journal EVERYTHING and stay within my calorie limit (1552 as per Lose It)
  • Maintain my uncontrollable PMS eating this weekend.
  • Be awesome!

I think when I go shopping this week, I am going to buy myself a couple of extra chicken breasts and cook them up for lunch.  I may even buy  myself some lettuce and make a little salad.  I need to start doing this.  While salad is not terrible, it is not my favorite.  I need to come up with an alternative to potatoes.  Also, I will do well to control my PMS cravings.  I feel myself losing control...going from one item to the next and then on to the next without thought to what it is I really want or if I am hungry.


March's leg of my walking challenge ends on Monday.  I have done really well with it this time around.  I am so proud that I am ahead and intend to stay that way.  I am also going to brainstorm  bit about another "mini" challenge I can add in.

So, there you have it.  That is my plan for the week.  If you don't plan your week out, it's really helpful to have a goal in mind to get you through the week.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Non-Scale Victory - # 20

This is a link up I really enjoy, but don't participate in each week.  Mostly because my personal victories are at a point where they are the scale.  My hard work is paying off and the victory I am most proud of each week is that with each new loss comes a brand new lowest weight for me.

One of the processes that is helping me reach that though is exercise.  I've blogged about it before, the walking challenge my girlfriend Julie and I are doing.  If you haven't gotten caught up on it yet, you can check out the post from last month HERE!

We did this challenge last year too and I flaked out on it at the end...meaning I gave up.  I ended up disappointing myself and vowed to do better with this year's challenge.  We have been at it for almost 3 months now and I will openly admit that I am addicted to getting in my exercise portion of kilometers each day.  I now walk every chance I get to see if I can get over the daily limit.  I have had to miss 2 days this week on the treadmill and it bothered me a LOT!

My non-scale victory is more than just creating that healthy habit for's that I have already technically completed my required kilometers for the month.  The required monthly total is 172.40 km (170 miles for my American friends, including Julie).  With 5 days to go, I am at about 174 km.  I am so pumped about this!

What is your non-scale victory?  No matter how small, it needs to be celebrated!


Tuesday, March 25, 2014

The Truth Of Tuesday Night

I wasn't sure if I was going to be able to make my TOPS meeting tonight.  I worked about 2 hours later than usual and had baking to do tonight for a fundraising bake sale at the school tomorrow.  On my way home from work, I had to stop off at my parents house to pick up Abby.  It was about 6:30, so I stayed to visit for half an hour and stopped in at the church on my way home to just weigh in.  I didn't stay at the meeting though.

Last week: 238.75 lbs
This week: 237.75 lbs
-1.0 lbs

I did it again!  I couldn't be more pleased.  I have doubts every week, but I must be doing something right...I am right on goal.

My BFF Julie is now joining me in on Tuesdays to weigh in and she had better be blogging about it too.  Go check out her site...if she hasn't posted something....harp on her will ya!?!

Pretty Strong Medicine

Friday, March 21, 2014

Follow Through Friday - # 10

This is my 10th contribution to this link up.  I just love it.  Because my week runs a little differently, I always write it on Wednesday and wait until Friday to post it.  If you haven't participated in it yet, I encourage you to give it a try.  It really is a fantastic way to plan.


Let's review,

Last Week:
  • Walk my required km for each day - 5.70 km
  • Lose 1 lb
  • 30-Day Water Challenge
  • Food Journal EVERYTHING and stay within my calorie limit (1565 as per Lose It)
  • TOPS CHALLENGE - No salty snacks

3 out of 5 (details below)
  • I'm still knocking it out of the park with this one.  At this point, we are only half way through the month and I am well on my way to having my required km in by the end of next week.
  • I lost 1 more, no less, but I am pleased
  • I have not been doing so well with my water challenge and intake...the reason?  Laziness!  I have failed to yet print out the check list and tape it into my book for visual reference.  I clearly need that to make it work
  • I managed to log everything, the good, the bad, the fattening...I did NOT however stay within my calorie limit.  Well, I guess I did if I lost a 1lb....that is what my weekly goal is set to on Lose It.
  • Salty snacks are usually not my calling.  I thought I did well until I remembered I had a handful of chips on the weekend.
Goals For The Week
  • Walk my required km for each day - 5.70 km
  • Lose 1 lb
  • Print out check list for the 30-Day Water Challenge until the end of October
  • Food Journal EVERYTHING and stay within my calorie limit (1559 as per Lose It)
  • TOPS CHALLENGE - No potatoes

I want to try REALLY hard this week to stay under my calorie allotment.  I am not able to do that and refrain from eating back my exercise calories though...I need to exercise to give myself enough to eat.  I also have a real problem...when I have any left over calories at the end of the day...I mentally try and figure out what I can eat to use those up.  I am then driven to do so.


I really am hooked on the treadmill.  I find myself getting on it twice on the weekends to deal with the afternoon boredom and the desire to snack.  I have also done a bit of running.  I'm not using any program, because I am not ready to commit to it yet, but I just watch the timer on the treadmill and every 5 minutes, I run for 1 minute.  It's not exhausting to the point where my legs are jello.  I have not decided if I am ready to increase it yet, because I don't want to risk injuring my foot again.  I also can tell I am getting more fit.  I can easily walk on the treadmill for a good hour and don't feel like my legs won't carry me when I get off.  I can walk up the stairs a little easier and my recovery time after is shorter.  

What are your goals for the week?  Join me in the link up!

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

The Truth Of Tuesday Night

I wasn't sure how I did with the scale this week.  I thought I did fairly well with my focus on eating, but then Sunday came and I pretty much ate double my calorie allotment for one day.  Now, while I knew that wouldn't change it, I wasn't sure if it would linger and affect me a couple of days later.

Turns out it didn't.

Last week: 239.75 lbs
This week: 238.75 lbs
-1.00 lbs

I'm so pleased to have lost a whole pound.  I have my calorie counter set up for that goal, so it must mean I was spot on for food and exercise.

I also was the winner of the rewards basket at TOPS tonight.  Each week the members bring a contribution to the basket (valued at about a dollar)...and each week, the person who lost the most AND also lost or stayed the same last week, wins the contents.  While I was not the biggest loser for this week, I was the biggest loser that also had a lost last week.  It's a nice little perk.

Just one more thing to keep my focus going!

Weigh In Wednesday

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Picture Progress

I haven't taken many photos along the way in this journey.  Mostly because I don't really feel like I've made much progress.  I haven't dropped a clothing size in over a year.  Since I am on a wave of re-commitment and focus, I thought now would be a good time.

I really have a hard time seeing myself as different, but I think that's normal.  It takes others to notice.

July 2012 - 261.75 lbs

January 2013 - 247.50 lb

March 2014 - 239.75 lbs

I can definitely see a difference between the first set and the last set.  Not as much between the last two, but I can see I'm a little slimmer in the upper stomach area.  I plan to do them again when I get to 230 and each 10 lb loss after that.
Are you taking progress pictures?  Let's see them!

Friday, March 14, 2014

Follow Through Friday - # 9


It's time to review, so let's do that shall we?

Last week:
  • Walk my required km for each day - 5.70 km
  • Lose 1 lb
  • Restart the 30-Day Water Challenge
  • Food Journal EVERYTHING and stay within my calorie limit (1570 as per Lose It)
  • TOPS CHALLENGE - No Ice Cream
  • Increase the speed on my treadmill from 2.6 to 2.7
2 of 6 (details below)
  • I have slowly come to the realization that the exercise aspect is becoming habit.  I feel guilty if I don't at least do a little bit and find myself saying things like "well, I can kill 10 minutes on the treadmill and get in a few extra km"
  • I didn't quite lose the 1 lb, but I am still pleased.  I heading to the scales thinking I would be up for sure
  • I haven't "officially" started the challenge, but I am back to drinking almost 8 cups of water a day
  • I did NOT food journal everything...I in face did not food journal ANYTHING.  A wise friend of mine reminded me that I no longer am able to have tomorrow's, but have to get right back on track immediately!  It's good advice!
  • The big bowl of ice cream I had after my stint on the treadmill Sunday goes to prove that I didn't follow through with that one!
  • I decided that I am just content with my comfortable pace, it will just mean I may need to increase my time on the treadmill and I'm ok with that for now.
Goals For The Week
  • Walk my required km for each day - 5.70 km
  • Lose 1 lb
  • 30-Day Water Challenge
  • Food Journal EVERYTHING and stay within my calorie limit (1565 as per Lose It)
  • TOPS CHALLENGE - No salty snacks

I let this slide and the thing is this...I KNOW I can't do that!  It's the aspect where I drop the ball E-V-E-R-Y-T-I-M-E!!!  I need to make food logging habit, just like I did with exercise.  No one cares what my food log is over by 50,000 calories!  It's not for any purpose other than to help make me more self-aware.  I can't do that if I'm not being honest with myself!


Now that I have created an exercise habit for myself, I am now going to work on making up my "missing" km in my walking challenge.  That means perhaps adding an additional 2.85 km of exercise some days.  I'm not technically behind in the challenge anymore, but I want to "bank" hours for days when I just can't get them in.  

Here's to a great week!

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

The Truth Of Tuesday Night

I had severe reservations about the scales this week.  I did poorly with food choices...too many cookies and muffins and ice cream.  But I held my head high and headed to my meeting anyway!

Today was probably one of those days when I SHOULD have bought a lottery ticket.

First off, this morning I found out I won a give away on Facebook, which rocked my world and I will share more about it once I get the item in hand.  Then, it was a beauty day outside and I was able to get in a bit of a walk in the fresh air.  Tonight I stepped on the scale and witnessed a Christmas miracle I tell ya!  By jove if the scale wasn't down!

Last week: 240.50 lbs
This week: 239.75 lbs

-0.75 lbs

I honestly can't even put into words how excited I was to see this!  For so many reason.  One being that I didn't mess up as bad as I thought and it put me in a good mind set to face this upcoming week with success. Two...I am at a new lowest weight!  I have never been under 240 (well, I am sure at SOME point in my life I was, but you know what I mean!)  From now on, with each new loss, I will continue to hit new milestones.  It feels incredible!  I never actually thought it would matter that much, but I went from not thinking I would ever be able to accomplish this feat in front of me, to seeing it as a real possibility!

I plan to have hubby take pictures of me this week so I can start seeing the difference myself.  I can feel my body waist feels smaller...bonier even and a bit more "loose" when I lay down.  My uncle was down last week and mentioned to my mom the next day how much of a difference he could notice.

I tell ya, as a fat girl my ENTIRE life, it's nice to finally feel successful.

So, my goal for this week is to stay spot on for my calorie intake and exercise.  If I can manage to do this, I should see results again on the scale.

Weigh In Wednesday

Friday, March 7, 2014

Follow Through Friday - # 8

Woo Hoo!  It's Friday peeps!


Link up time!  This is by far my favorite gets me re-focused going into the weekend, which prove to be my toughest 2 days.

Last week:
  • Walk my required km for each day - 5.70 km
  • Lose 1 lb
  • Finish up the 30-Day Water Challenge
  • Food Journal EVERYTHING and stay within my calorie limit (1567 as per Lose It)
  • TOPS CHALLENGE - No Chocolate
  • Increase the speed on my treadmill from 2.6 to 2.7
1 out of 6 (details below)
  • I had a few lazy days, right towards the end of the month for the walking challenge update.  I ended up being about 10 km behind on my monthly totals.  
  • Did not lose..gained 0.50 lbs, but I blame my period!
  • I finished the 30-Day Water Challenge.  I petered out near the end...will continue on with is
  • I lost momentum with the food journaling....craving everything will do that for you!
  • I totally forgot what the challenge was and gave into my PMS craving and scoffed down left over chocolate chips in the corner...hoping my daughter didn't come in and want some too!
  • I didn't spend as much time on the treadmill as I wanted, so I didn't increase my speed each time I was on it.
Goals For The Week
  • Walk my required km for each day - 5.70 km
  • Lose 1 lb
  • Restart the 30-Day Water Challenge
  • Food Journal EVERYTHING and stay within my calorie limit (1570 as per Lose It)
  • TOPS CHALLENGE - No Ice Cream
  • Increase the speed on my treadmill from 2.6 to 2.7

I can already assure that that I have over-indulged and NOT logged my food very carefully.  It's Friday and I have 4 days before I weigh in again and get myself back in line!  Why can food journaling not be easier?  Does someone want to come and do it for me!?!?!  I also started to slide on my water intake and back into the pop consumption.  Need to curb it NOW!  No ice cream was my contribution to the TOPS challenge.  Ice cream is hit and miss for me.  If it's in the house I will eat it, but I don't go out of my way to have it.


I have a few km to make up for with my walking challenge.  I am hoping to do that this weekend, including a walk or two outside if it ever warms up!  Spring is soon...right?  I was miraculously hoping that increasing my speed on the treadmill would make the km just zip by faster, but apparently, increasing by only .1 does not do that! Hubby has also decided to start running on the treadmill....his walking speed is my running speed!  He better not break my treadmill or I will break him!  Speaking of exercise, I saw mention of a website with exercice mixes on it.  I checked it out and I tell ya...I'm in LOVE...and it's FREE!  I love it because they have re-mixed the songs to up the tempo and you can search by genre or beats per minutes.  I may have already downloaded all of the 80's mixes.  Want to check it out for yourself?  Just go to and be prepared to fall in love too!

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

The Truth Of Tuesday Night

If you recall from last week, I knocked it out of the park!  I tried to watch it just as closely this week again, but had a bit more struggle with it.  I didn't go crazy out of control though.

By yesterday though, I knew I would be up.  It's that time of the month for me, so that explains my desire to eat everything in sight.  It also leaves me feeling very "full" and bloated.  That was yesterday and today.

It wasn't as bad as I was expecting though.

Last week: 240.00 lbs
This week: 240.50 lbs

+.50 lbs

Totally understandable and redeemable for this week.

Let's kick it to the scales again next week!

On a bright note, I was the biggest loser in my TOPS group for the month of February.  That means I get 1 month of dues free!  Gotta love FREE!

Pretty Strong Medicine

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Season Of Change

To the keen eyed observer who follows my blog, you may have noticed a design change.

About 2 weeks ago, I was doing my daily check on my blog and I noticed that the background features were gone.  Poof!  Just like that!  They were there the night before and then gone the next day.  After a bit of research, turns out the website I originally got it from decided to go from a free format to a paid one.  To keep the exact formatting I had, there would be a one-time fee of $40.

I was at a bit of a loss with what to do.  I LOVED the original design.  It was feminine and I spent quite a bit of time deciding on it.  This blog was important to me and a space where I could express myself.

After come careful though, I realized that while $40 is not a lot of money, it was to me!  It's just not in the budget.  At first glance, I was unimpressed with the templates that are available through blogger.  Then I discovered that there are more in-depth settings and formatting available.

I worked on it for a good chunk of the day yesterday and I think I have come up with a look I am pleased with.

It still has the colours and feminine feel the other one had.  While I may need to tweak it a little bit still, I am content.

I got thinking....perhaps it is very fitting that this happened.  I'm at a turning point in my journey and this change could be just what was needed to shake things up a bit.  I have also been contemplating a Facebook page for my blog.  I'm not sure about that yet though.  It would take a whole new level of commitment and I would hate to take that one and let people down.  Would be interested in hosting it with me?

And now...a little something to think about!

Saturday, March 1, 2014

2014 Pinterest Challenge - February

Over on my other blog, I decided in January to start a Pinterest challenge and invited anyone to join me in the fun.

The basis is simple!  The goal each month is to complete at least 1 item you have "pinned" and report back on it.  It must be completed by the end of each month. If you have a blog, blog the results...the good, the bad and the ugly!  If you don't have a blog and still want to participate, I have created a Facebook group, ask to join and use that forum to show what you have done each month.

Most importantly, make sure you give credit where credit is due and link back to the original pin.

In January, I started my Motivation Jars.

Mine didn't come very far.  At the end of February, this is what I had

Five beads made it to the other jar...and all because I had a great weigh in on Tuesday.

I also started the 30-Day Water Challenge.  Because it will wrap up on March 2nd, I'll review it at the end of March on the Pinterest challenge.

That's about it.  I had intentions of trying a healthy recipe but didn't.

Road Trip Review - 2014 Edition - Month 2

It's already the end of February and time for the update on the next leg of the journey.

For starters, I gotta say, February has been the PITS!  It's cold, snowy and there is still no sign of relief.  We had a few nice days where I could get outside to walk, but for the most part, it's still been hibernation city!

Enough complaining...let's get right into the journey that my pal Julie and I are undertaking this year shall we?

The Facts:
  • First Pit Stop of the journey is Crowley State Park, Arkansas - 1399 km
  • Next stop and final destination is Devil's Den State Park, Arkansas - 325 km
  • Total of 1724 km
  • 5.70 km a day, 40.95 km a week and 172.40 km a month
  • We have 10 months to complete the journey, from January 1 - October 31
  • Our daily, everyday walking counts, but only up to half of our required distance - 2.85 km
  • Each 30 minutes of non-walking/running exercise counts as 0.50 km, up to 3.20 km of our total
The Road So Far:

Month 1 - January

- total walked: 197.53 km
- total eligible: 174.22 km
  ( + 1.82 over)

Month 2 - February

- total walked: 180.13 km
- total eligible: 160.05 km
  (- 12.35 behind)

- total walked: 377.66 km
- total eligible: 334.27
  (- 10.53 behind)

If I'm being honest, I only fell behind in the last week.  Until then, I was staying the course and doing what I was supposed to...then on the 23rd I got lazy and stayed that way.  Actually, that is not entirely true...there were a couple of days in there where I knew I wouldn't be able to exercise, but didn't plan well enough to make sure I didn't fall behind on those days.  But with determination, I should be able to make up those 10 km by the end of the week.

I got my maps done too so you can see roughly where I am:

Getting close to the Detroit border

I'm pretty much camped out in the middle of nowhere!
This is from where I stopped last time to my new pitstop

I of course had to update my fancy dancy map downstairs.  I jumped in the impala with the Winchesters and continued on the journey.

There you have it!  I'm focused again and ready to walk the month of March away!