Tuesday, March 18, 2014

The Truth Of Tuesday Night

I wasn't sure how I did with the scale this week.  I thought I did fairly well with my focus on eating, but then Sunday came and I pretty much ate double my calorie allotment for one day.  Now, while I knew that wouldn't change it, I wasn't sure if it would linger and affect me a couple of days later.

Turns out it didn't.

Last week: 239.75 lbs
This week: 238.75 lbs
-1.00 lbs

I'm so pleased to have lost a whole pound.  I have my calorie counter set up for that goal, so it must mean I was spot on for food and exercise.

I also was the winner of the rewards basket at TOPS tonight.  Each week the members bring a contribution to the basket (valued at about a dollar)...and each week, the person who lost the most AND also lost or stayed the same last week, wins the contents.  While I was not the biggest loser for this week, I was the biggest loser that also had a lost last week.  It's a nice little perk.

Just one more thing to keep my focus going!

Weigh In Wednesday


  1. Congrats on being the biggest loser and for dropping another pound!! Setting new personal records for yourself which is awesome! Keep up the great work, it is certainly paying off!!

  2. WooHoo! Way to go chickadee!!! :-)

    SO PROUD OF YOU!!!!!! :-) :-)

  3. Fantastic news all around with the loss and the biggest loser for the TOPS! Wonderful job!

  4. yay for weight loss and winning things :) Good job!


  5. Good job sweetie! That is awesome!

  6. Awesome loss this week!! Great job--keep it up!!

  7. Yay for pound losses!!! Great job!

  8. Congrats on the loss and on winning the prize! What a fun bonus. :)

  9. Great job! So exciting to win something as well as have a loss :)

  10. Wow! You are on a roll! Keep up the great work!