Tuesday, November 6, 2012

I Pulled That One Out Of My Hat!

If you recall, I have been food logging everyday this week in the benefit of my TOPS group.

I kept it honest and didn't deprive myself of things I might normally eat just because others might see it.  I still ate the chocolate and treats.  Too many if you ask me and I was pretty sure it was going to backfire on me.

Guess what!

I totally rocked the scales tonight!

I had a loss of 4.5 lbs!

I am SO excited about it!

Last week: 251.25 lbs
This week: 246.75 lbs

Not only is it a huge loss, it's beginnings of my weight loss journey under the 250's.  I have been waiting for this for quite some time.  Plus, there is a good chance I won't jump back up to it next week, it's quite a bit to get there again and I am determined not to!

Yippee Skippy for me!! :-)

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Fail Of A Weekend!

The scales still show good results, but I consider it a fail, because I didn't stay strong willed!

On a good note...Halloween candy is almost gone!  Would you believe that my kids did not get one-single sucker or other "bottom of the barrel" treats?  All chocolate and chips.

Let's review how I made out:

Calories today:  1728

Over again by:  80


Tim Horton's breakfast sandwich with egg, cheese and bacon on a bagel
1 small French Cappucino


Nachos and Cheese


1 small fillet minon
1 small potato with butter
8 oz tomato juice


5 mini chocolate bars

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Mid-Weekend Review

Ok, so it's Saturday...one of my most difficult days of the week.

I wish I could break the cycle.  Every day starts out so strong and then I weaken by the end of the day.  Darn Halloween chocolate!  A girlfriend of mine mentioned tonight that her kids sold them their candy.  The end results, the parents wouldn't be tempted and the kids wouldn't be all sugared up!

Why can't I do something like this?  Why does it make me feel so guilty to a) deprive my kids of that treat and b) to waste it.  I know it would be the best for the entire family.  I wish I was that strong.

I did even out today, number-wise

Calories in: 1633
Under by: 15


2 slices of toast with butter and honey


2 poached eggs on toast with butter


Nachos and cheese
3 mini chocolate bars



Friday, November 2, 2012

Friday Wrap Up

Usually, this is the point when my good intentions go to hell in a hand basket.

I am sure hoping it doesn't and will try my best.

Here is how my day started with temptation:

Left over Halloween candy, only inches away from me at work.  Truthfully, it hasn't tempted me today much.  I was able to stay out of it..sort of....I did however feel the need to discover the secret of the Caramilk bar!

So, we made it through that round.

Round 2!

Dinner out.  I had planned on doing pretty good with this.  I went onto the websites for a couple of different restaurants we like to go to and planned out my meal.  I ended up staying later at work then I intended and brought home supper instead.  For dessert, I did indulge in a couple more chocolate bars.

So, here are the numbers:

Calorie Intake for today:  1780

Over by 132 calories.

This is what I don't get though.  The numbers I have set up are intended to see me lose 2 pounds a week.  I jumped on my scales at home after dinner just to see.  I use them as a guide to let me know if I am up or down over the week.  Firstly, let me say, I KNOW that the scales vary from day to day, depending on the time, etc.  I made sure to get on them when I was feeling the most full.  There was a good 3 - 4 pound difference.  If I was smart, I would say:

"look how well you are doing...don't blow it now!"

Anyway, this is the food run down for the day;


1 granola bar
1 banana


3/4 stuffed chicken breast
1/2 serving of pasta
1/3 cup of sauce


Fish and chips


3 mini chocolate bars

Here's too a strong weekend!!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Ho Hum!

It's Thursday y'all!  Almost Friday!

Day 2 of tracking food.  Still don't like it, but remain true to keeping it honest.

Ok, so again, calorie intake for the day: 1648

I did a bit worse than yesterday actually: 2097 calories

Over by 449!


1 granola bar
1 Pineapple Yogurt (which I didn't like, BTW)
1 cup raspberries


1 cup tomato soup made with milk
1 1/2 slices of black forest ham
30 g. Havarti cheese
1 low-calorie chocolate pudding


1 stuffed chicken breast
176 g of pasta (FYI, that is the weight of 1 serving, cooked)
1/2 cup sauce
2 mozzarella sticks
1 slice of Italian bread with butter


1/2 bagel with butter
6 mini chocolate bars.

Reading this, seeing how much I was over, I can just see how many things I could have done without.....let's list them shall we?

- yogurt (not nutritionally, but because it wasn't enjoyable)
- mozzarella sticks
- Italian bread with butter
- 6 mini chocolate bars

These 4 items equal 635 calories.  A tad bit more than I was over!

Also, I did get on the treadmill tonight for my first run in about 3 months.  My heart and mind wasn't into it tonight AND I didn't want to push my foot too hard.  I managed to burn about 73 calories...I had hoped for 100, but just couldn't get into the mindset!  Next time!