Thursday, January 31, 2013

The Truth Of Tuesday Night - on Thursday

I'm sorry!

I missed my blog post on Tuesday, post TOPS meeting.

Truth is, we didn't have a meeting on Tuesday due to weather.

I gotta say, this was a great thing for me.

After a stellar 4 pound lost the week before, I lost all focus and blew it.  I snacked on crap, didn't log food OR use the treadmill.

While I am mad at myself about it, I haven't done anything to correct it.

When I get up tomorrow all changes again.







Over the past couple of weeks, I have made a small change, but it's a good change.  I am slowly switching my family over to whole wheat bread.  Whoopie!  Big deal some of you are thinking...but I grew up a smoochy, white bread girl and in the past, whole wheat was so distasteful.  I actually bought it with my daughter in mind.  Abby eats very little, but does love toast with either butter or peanut butter.  I was pretty sure I could make the swap with her and she would be none the wiser!  ( I was right, btw!)  That same weekend, I made grilled cheese sandwiches for lunch and made mine with half white, half whole wheat.  I noticed no difference myself and truthfully, we never eat just plain bread.  It's always prepared as toast or garlic bread with something on it.  Brian wasn't big on the idea, but I served it to him the other night and he didn't notice, so from now on, I will only buy the whole wheat.  In my mind it makes me feel like I am doing the right thing.

To help keep me inspired, I tracked down a few qoutes of inspiration on Pinterest.  Hope they inspire you too!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

They Put WHAT? In My Food?


Recently, I started watching a few food documentaries to help motivate me into change and healthier eating.

My goodness people, if you want to watch something to make you look at a different perspective, these food documentaries are the ticket.

Now, I do watch them with the mindset that they are American based and things in Canada are probably a bit different, but not a whole lot.  I also keep in mind that documentaries is a visual display of someones opinion.

The first one I watched was:

Join the world's leading experts in Nutrition and Natural Medicine in this inspiring new film about taking your health into your own hands. Learn how you can boost your energy levels, keep excess weight at bay and transform your health through food.

This one made me question the additives in the foods and make me want to start trying veggies and juicing.

Did you know one of the additive ingredients they put in blueberry muffins is also an ingredient used to winterize RV's and for colonoscopies?

The next one I watched and the one that put the nail in the coffin for fast food for me (for a while at least) was this one:

In Food, Inc., filmmaker Robert Kenner lifts the veil on our nation's food industry, exposing the highly mechanized underbelly that has been hidden from the American consumer with the consent of our government's regulatory agencies, USDA and FDA. Our nation's food supply is now controlled by a handful of corporations that often put profit ahead of consumer health, the livelihood of the American farmer, the safety of workers and our own environment. We have bigger-breasted chickens, the perfect pork chop, herbicide-resistant soybean seeds, even tomatoes that won't go bad, but we also have new strains of E. coli--the harmful bacteria that causes illness for an estimated 73,000 Americans annually. We are riddled with widespread obesity, particularly among children, and an epidemic level of diabetes among adults.
Featuring interviews with such experts as Eric Schlosser (Fast Food Nation), Michael Pollan (The Omnivore's Dilemma, In Defense of Food: An Eater's Manifesto) along with forward thinking social entrepreneurs like Stonyfield's Gary Hirshberg and Polyface Farms' Joel Salatin, Food, Inc. reveals surprising--and often shocking truths--about what we eat, how it's produced, who we have become as a nation and where we are going from here

I watched a lot of this one on the treadmill and at one point, they seems to just jump to this man from a company that was saying about how they learned that ammonia is a great way to kill the e-coli bacteria.  My first thought was "oh God, don't tell me they wash all of their ground beef in ammonia first before they package it for resale?"  Nope, not quite...they were talking about the filler sold to fast food restaurants for their hamburgers.  It's made me think twice about everything in my house and the desire to want to buy more natural processed foods.  That means, Farmer's Markets and local growers.  Finding out if the chickens are free range and are the cows grass fed or corn fed?  I'm so lucky.  Where we live is in the heart of the country  and there are many farmers selling their products.  We also have a local program called "Kawartha's Choice" and it is a collection of local farmer's that sell their products and where you can get them.

I have to cycle through the meat in the freezer first and eat it, even though it made me cringe.  The documentary talked about when you buy a chicken that is commercially produced and packaged, aside from all of the growth hormones used to speed up the growth of the chicken, they all get a chlorine bath before packaging.  So, all I could think about while preparing our dinner on Sunday was that.  ICK!

The last one I watched is an older one and it didn't have that big of an impact, but it was one of the "first" food documentaries, so I wanted to take it in too:

Super Size Me is a 2004 American documentary film directed by and starring Morgan Spurlock, an American independent filmmaker. Spurlock's film follows a 30-day period from February 1 to March 2, 2003 during which he ate only McDonald's food. The film documents this lifestyle's drastic effect on Spurlock's physical and psychological well-being, and explores the fast food industry's corporate influence, including how it encourages poor nutrition for its own profit.

I never watched this one when it first came out, because I didn't understand it.  Common sense would say that if you ate at McDonald's 3 times a day for a whole month, there would be negative side effects.  And there were.  Watch it, you will be surprised by the results...I was.

One part of it that saddened me was they were at a school and Jared, the Subway guy, was there talking to the kids.  Afterwards, they talk to an overweight girl who is about 14 and her mom.  They talk about what an inspiration he is and that she wishes she could do that, but just can't afford to eat at Subway everyday like Jared.  I honestly yelled at the screen.   Either she didn't get the message or it wasn't portrayed properly.  It wasn't because of Subway that Jared lost the weight.  He ate foods that were lower in fat and walked to the restaurant everyday.  It can be done in everyday life, no special diets or gimmicks needed. 

Speaking of Subway.  I will no longer eat there either.  But it's not documentary related.  A few months ago, a woman posted on one of the facebook groups I belong to that her son just a rib sandwich from Subway and while eating it found a molar in it.  I don't know that it's true, I didn't later hear about it in the news, 'cause if it was me, I would have plastered that all over the headlines, but still did enough damage to me.  More recently, there is another Subway story from a local store in Peterborough.  A girl of 3 got a sandwich and it had glass in it.  Between teeth and glass, I think I will stay away from it.

So there you go.  My your own investigator and make your own choices, but for now, I am off of fast food joints and plan to buy local and organic.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Bottom Of The Wave

That is how I feel right now.  After last week's high, my wave of weight loss is crashing.  I get like that.  I will have an awesome week where I do everything right and celebrate a stunning loss and then lose momentum the following week.  I'm down right now according to the scales at home, but I'm not real sure why to tell you the truth.  The biggest issue was we went to Costco and hit up the candy isle.  I knew that the prospect of it coming into the house was disaster for me, but I'm not strong enough to say to my husband....if we buy it, I will eat like I'm trapped on a deserted island and it's the only food source.  See, the conversation goes something like this between myself and my evil twin:

"Amy, you don't need that"
"but you did really well on the scales last week and a couple pieces won't hurt"
"Yeah, I will only have 2 pieces, that will curb the craving and I'll be satisfied"
"wow!  I don't remember licorice ever tasting that good!"
"wow! I don't remember licorice ever tasting that good!"
"couple more pieces won't hurt you"
Next thing I know, I've scarfed down 10 pieces and resent it. 

That has been my week.

I have gotten on the treadmill the past couple of nights for half an hour each and that's something.

I was going to do another part of this post, but instead...I think I will make it a double post kind of day!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The Truth Of Tuesday Night

Well, putting those big girl panties on sure did help tonight.

I had an awesome loss.

Let's get right to numbers shall we?

Last week: 249.50 lbs
This week: 245.50 lbs

That's a loss of 4 lbs!

I am at the lowest weight I have ever been at in my entire adult life.

Meeting wise, I thought it was pretty kick ass if I do say so myself.

I started out with a new feature of putting an inspirational quote on our whiteboard.

This week's was:

STOP making excuses
STOP saying that you'll do it tomorrow
STOP believing it will happen by itself
BEGIN working out today
BEGIN eating healthy today
BEGIN changing your life now
Do it TODAY and be proud tomorrow!

I also did the program tonight and I think it was very eye opening for all the members.  I encourage every group to try this's very short, but effective.

I found it here originally ( this site is a GREAT resource for TOPS programs and contests)

The only thing you need is a pound of fat from the butcher (chances are they will just give it to you) and the little saying below.

Let me explain a bit first.

So, I went to our local meat packers and got a pound of pure beef fat.  I put it in a ziplock bag and then in a dark pillow case.

I passed the pillowcase around and had each member feel the contents without peeking.  They could squeeze it, poke it, etc.  Once everyone had felt the contents, we went around for everyone to guess what they thought was inside.  Once all answers were revealed, I pulled out the fat.  We passed it around again for a good look while I read this:

(as if reading a letter from the fat)

Hello, TOPS member,
Do you know me?  If you don't, you should.  I"m a pound of fat and I'm the happiest pound of fat that you would ever want to meet.  Want to know why?  It's because no one ever wants to lose me.  I'm only one pound, just a pound of fat.  Everyone wants to lose 3, 5, 10, 15 pounds, but never only one pound.  So I just stick around and happily keep you fat.  Then, I add to myself ever so slyly, so that you never seem to notice it, that is, until I've grown to 10, 20, 30 or more pounds in weight.  Yes, it's fun being just a pound of fat, left to do as I please.  So, when you weigh in, keep right on saying "oh, I only lost one pound" (As if that were such a terrible thing!)  For you see, if you do this, you'll encourage your fellow members to keep me around because they'll think I'm not worth losing.  And I LOVE being around you, your arms, legs, chin, hips, thighs and every part of your body.  For you see, "I'm Only One Pound Of Fat"

Do you have any idea just how big a pound of fat is?  Much larger than you would assume.  In our minds, it's the size of a tic tac, but in reality, it was the size of a small eye of the round roast (that's what a lot of the members thought it felt like, as my hunk of fat was one long piece.)

The pound of fat in my hand

I thought I would just throw it out when I got home, but I think actually I am going to put it in the freezer and pull it out when our group needs a bit of motivation!

Here's to another great week!

Friday, January 18, 2013

I've Got Those Panties On!

So, since I posted yesterday, I have dragged out the big girl panties and hiked those suckers to my armpits!

I have gotten on the treadmill for 30 minutes and walked at a comfortable pace.

I have also been doing a food log again.  Partly because as much as I would like to deny the truth that is makes a huge difference when you are committed to it and partly because I started a new contest with my TOPS group and one of the way to earn "points" is to do a food diary.

So here is a quick rundown of yesterday

My daily calorie budget was 1637

Food calories consumed - 1592

Exercise calories burned - 125

That is 169 calories under my daily budget

As for today, my breakfast/lunch looked like this:

From left to right:

- 18 Special K Cracker Chips - Cheddar Flavor
-3/4 cup raspberries
- 25g almonds (little container with green lid)
- 3 bacon wrapped chicken bites
-1 cheesestring
- 1/4 cup cucumber
- 2 tbsp veggie dip (little container with pink lid)

I also had a Skinny Cow chocolate bar.

Dinner was a hamburger with a serving of potato chips

Daily Calorie Budget: 1637

Food Calories Consumed: 1517

Exercise Calories Burned: 160

280 Calories Under budget

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Time To Put My Big Girl Panties On!

I don't mean literally, technically, I always wear big girl shopping in the Junior Section here!

What I mean is, I decided yesterday in regards to this weight loss's time to start acting like an adult and just do it. 

I could go and blame everyone and everything under the sun, but the cold hard truth is, I'm an adult and at this point, no one is going to make the changes that need to be made but ME!!!!

No longer am I under the control and supervision of my parents, so I can't blame them.  They don't make me eat that chocolate bar or bowl of ice cream.

If I want to start liking vegetables, then I need to make an effort to put myself in a situation to like them.   I need to take the same approach I do with my children.  I make them try one bite, more than once!

No one is going to walk on the treadmill but me, so no one is going to police me into doing it.  Besides, if they did, I would hate them for it....stop nagging me already!

Measuring and weighting out my food DOES make a difference! It's boring, I hate it and it's just one more step, but it's a necessary evil.

I need to plan....plan what is for dinner, what is for lunch, etc. so I am not stuck with nothing to take or starving and resorting to crap to fill the empty void.

I need to love myself for who I am, at the stage I am in, but I also need to love myself enough to realize that change is necessary.

While at the Dr's yesterday, I sucked it up and asked for a referral to the dietitian.  Why would I not make use of this valuable and FREE resource? 

I'm not ashamed of where I am...I have done ok for myself, but I do know that I need to ramp it up.   That is easier said then done, but it's time to get the scale going back in the right direction.

I also know that I am fickle person and I might say this today and jump on that bandwagon for a couple weeks and then it fades.  I also decided that it's ok to be like that, so long as I jump from one thing to the next that works.  When it stops working is when I need to set myself straight again.

It's a struggle, but I have to deal with it, because this struggle and I am going to be best buddies for awhile!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The Truth Of Tuesday Night

Ok, so I am just going to get this out of the way.  I'm up on the scale and I'm not surprised!

Last week: 247.50 lbs
This week:  249.50 lbs

Gain of 2 lbs.

I did little to watch what I ate nor did I do an ounce of exercise.

I'm hoping the Dr. appointment I have tomorrow will start to get some questions answered.  The best time for me to exercise is the evenings but as of late, it is when I am feeling my worst and just want to curl up and knit.

Tonight's TOPS meeting was great...for so many reasons.

The first one being that it's MY night out...for me, just me, surrounded by people who understand and are supportive.

Secondly, I felt I put together a pretty decent program and was excited to share it (more to follow)

But for me, the best part was that 3 ladies I talked to on Saturday came out to see what our group is all about.  One of the ladies I know from high school and she brought along 2 of her friends.  I don't know that they will join our group, because they do live about 20 minutes outside of Keene, but it was nice to share something I have passion for and that I know can be of benefit.  The notion of them joining us is also particularly exciting because they are in the same phase of life that I am.  Working mother.  I love every member of my group currently, but most of them are past the stage in life where their family is so dependant on them that they lack time for themselves.  It would be nice to discuss how to manage work, home, kids, etc and still find time to focus on yourself.

As for the program tonight.  Last week, I pulled out copies of the TOPS "My Day One" book.  It comes in each person's registration package and I thought, if everyone is like me, they didn't read it when they got it.  I decided to treat the whole group as BRAND NEW MEMBERS, complete with a get to know you.

Below is a brief overview of the evening:

My name is Amy and I joined TOPS about 5 years ago.  I had gone to an open house for TOPS and left to decide if I wanted to join or not...that decision took me a year.  When I came the following year, I just joined, no more thinking.  I had a new son and was starting to notice that the stairs were getting harder on my knees and I knew I would not have the energy to keep up with my kids as they got older.  I have about 100lbs to lose and have lost about 22 to date.  I've still got a lot of work to do, but I WILL get there!

We also discussed the first section in My Day One regarding steps to take to help prepare yourself for this lifestyle change.  There are six steps and we reviewed a list of discussion questions to get us thinking.  I will answer a question I found particularily helpful/thought provoking for each step.

Step 1: Measure Your Treasure. (taking measurements)
How would a change in your body measurements affect your self-image?
First off, I don't do measurements and we don't as a group either.  I should.  I know from experience that sometimes, even though the scale is not moving, you are losing inches.  I know for a fact that my fingers have shrunk in size.  My rings are looser on my fingers than they used to be.

Step 2: Set a SMART Goal
What is your SMART Goal (it should be something defined, so instead of saying you will eat better, it should be I will eat no more than 1500 calories a day)
My smart goal for this week would be to get 30 minutes of exercise,3 times a day.

Step 3: Clear Cabinets and Free the Fridge
What "empty calories" are probably in your cabinets and/or refrigerator.
Well, the cupboard is full of cookies but those don't tempt me too much. I bought myself some "skinny cow" chocolate bars, with the mindset that they are "better for you chocolate craving" bars, but they are still 100 calories and if I didn't have them, I wouldn't eat them.  I have a jar of red pepper jelly in the fridge and had to throw out the cream cheese so I wouldn't sit and eat half a block with about a box of crackers.

Step 4: Shop Smart
How will "being hungry" affect your shopping?  How could you counteract that?
Without a doubt, if I go shopping while hungry, muffins look yummier, chips are tastier and just about everything else bad for me gets put in the cart.  Almost without a doubt, I end up buying a chocolate bar at check out to fill that whole in my stomach.  Aside from eating before hand, I could buy myself something healthier to eat, an apple or raspberries, etc.

Step 5:  Make a Move!
What kind of activity do you do now?
Watching the treadmill collect dust is NOT the right answer, but it seems to be what I am doing.  Every night I say the same thing...tonight, I am getting on the treadmill, and then tonight rolls around and I don't feel like it.  I'm tired, my stomach hurts, etc.  There is always an excuse.  I can promise though...I will NEVER EVER EVER get up early to work out.  It's not my thing.

Step 6:  Steer Your Stress!
Name one strong stressor in your life.
It's my family.  My kids stress me, but not in the way it sounds.  It's more the way I react that stresses me.  I perhaps yelled or took away a toy or grabbed some one's arm.  I react in a way that is mean or scary to my kids sometimes (to me it seems that way) instead of taking a deep breath and thinking about a calmer way to deal with it.  My reaction stresses me out and I feel like a bad mom.  I wind up snacking..or even worse, trying to make MY kids feel better with food.

How would you get yourself ready for this lifestyle?

Monday, January 14, 2013


Today is just one of those days!

One of those days where I feel failure surrounding me!

I don't know why...I don't know if it's because I haven't gotten into the groove I had hoped the New Year would bring.  That the treadmill keeps collecting dust, despite my good intentions.  Perhaps it's my worry that my stomach pain after eating is more than just eating too much or maybe, just maybe...I'm not as ready to do this as I thought?

Let me touch on these a bit.

I felt renewed when the calender flipped to 2013.  I was ready to get back to my meetings and the treadmill.  I decided that I was adult enough to lay off the junk and eat well.  I had visions of being one of those people that works out for hours and feels accomplished.

Instead, I told myself that it was a waste to through out those 5 chocolates, so I might as well just eat them.  I told myself that I would get back on the treadmill, but just lightly, because any movement was good.  Then I told myself I would get on the treadmill after I got my eating in line.

So far, I have yet to do real well with the eating and stepped on the treadmill for about 5 minutes.  My husband wants to sell it!

My other worry is my stomach pain.  It's been ongoing for quite some time.  At first, it was really only after I overate significantly or drank diet pepsi.  I have pretty much stopped drinking diet pepsi, except for the odd one and trust me, I typically suffer for it.  The pain is in my "first" stomach as I have so nicely named know, the first roll under the boobs, but above the large stomach roll?!?  It is like when you have terrible cramps from diarrhea and the only thing that feels good is to lay down.  I can barely walk sometimes.  Christmas was when I finally had enough.  We had dinner at mom's and I honestly went with the intentions of overeating.  I love her turkey dinner.  I could barely stand straight about an hour later and just needed to go home.  The next day was our big family dinner and I told Brian that I was hardly going to eat anything, because I didn't want to feel like that again.  So I did well, I didn't snack on anything before dinner.  I had a couple slices of roast beef, a small serving of potatoes and salad and a yorkshire pudding.  Not only did I feel good for eating less, but it didn't hurt afterwards.   About 2 hours later, I had ONE piece of mom's homemade fudge and BAM...felt like crap.

So between that and a few other experiences since then, I think it's both the diet pepsi and sugar that bothers me.  I have a Dr'.s appointment on Wednesday to start the investigation process.  It's not within the realm of possibilities that I have some intestinal disorder.  I have a LONG family history of it, including my mother, who has Crohn's Disease.  It feels worst in the evening...just full and bloated and it doesn't help with my lack of desire to exercise.  I just want to sit because nothing hurts.

Funny how as I star to make myself better, I feel like I am falling apart?  Can you just imagine if I hadn't started?

Am I really ready to do this?  Yup!
Will I have days like this?  You betcha!
Will it all be worth it?  Without a doubt!

So, thank you for attending my pity party!  Here's to a good meeting tomorrow and the Dr's on Wednesday!

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Cheater Cheater Pumpkin Eater

Back in June, I posted this blog about weight loss surgery and how I would love to make use of that "quick fix" if the pocket book allowed it.

A number of people commented, but the one that stuck with me the most was from a woman who had had surgery and she let me in on a little secret and I am going to let you in on what she said too, in case you didn't catch the comment.

Basically she said, all the surgery did was limit the ability to eat the things that are not good for you, like chocolate cake, but it doesn't take away the cravings you have for it.  It was hard and stressful and depressing...she felt like she lost her best friend.

It's been about 6 months since that post and you know what?  I am coping...I have managed to lose over 20 lbs in one year.  It's not a lot, nor is it as much as I was hoping, but I'm happy.  It's still going in the right direction.  This year, I hope to double it.  I really want to ramp it up this year and while I say that, I do still need to put that plan in action.  Right now I am working on the diet aspect and trying to get away from the nasty snacking habit I picked up somewhere.  My body does not need it.  I dont' like to snack between meals or in the evening.

My mind set is changing and where as before I thought weight loss surgery or any of the other programs out there were a good way to go, I now feel like they are cheating.  It can be done with hard work.  And it is HARD. 

                                                         Choose your hard!

I am nervous and leery of any program that has you limit what you eat and then gives you supplements to make up for what's lacking. Why can't you balance that out and eat naturally?  I don't need to starve myself and I can still enjoy the foods I love.  Just not every day.  If my calorie allotment is 1500 a day and I go over, I need to work it off...simple math.  Right after Christmas, I had 2 chocolates (150 calories).  That night I got on the treadmill and walked for about 30 minutes.  When I was done, I looked and noticed I had burned about 150 calories.  I put it in perspective and said to myself (with disappointment) that my walk basically just burned off those 2 teeny tiny, itsty bitsy chocolates instead of fat. The chocolates didn't taste so good after all.  But I don't regret having them.  Better to curb that craving now then a few hours later when I would have had 4 of them.

The other thing I have come to realize is that this blog is MINE.  MY way to journal this process, MY way to express my concerns and struggles, MY way to vent my personal feelings.  I have to stop thinking that others will not like me because of what I say.  I don't say anything to make people upset and if you have or are using a method I don't agree with or want to use, it doesn't mean I don't support you in your endeavors.  It's a lifetime of wanting people to like me coming out and I have to friends are true to me and as adults we are allowed a difference of opinions.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The Truth of Tuesday Night!

It's been a long time since I have posted after a TOPS meeting on a Tuesday.

It was so nice to get back to TOPS.  We didn't meet for the last two weeks because of holidays and it had a bigger impact for me than I expected it to.  Going into the holidays, I really didn't think it would make much difference if we had a meeting or not.

Basically, this is how the last 2 weeks went down...


Yup, I stuffed myself with foods that only drove the scale up.  By the middle of last week, I was up a good 6 pounds and disappointed with myself that I was over my 250 lb goal.  On Saturday, I kicked it into high gear and really cut back.  It was hard and NO FUN!

It paid off though, here are my numbers:

December 18: 246.25
This week: 247.50

That's a gain of 1.25 lbs, but I'm ok with it.

I'm not doing this weight loss thing to deprive myself.   If there is yummy dessert, I am going to indulge, but not every day.  It's all about balance.  You have to live and enjoy yourself and to limit yourself or restrict yourself is only setting yourself up for failure.

This is my year!  Last year, I lost over 22 lbs, I hope to double that this year.

I gotta say, TOPS is my life saver...literally!  It has CHANGED MY LIFE!  I really do encourage EVERYONE looking to lose weight or maintain a healthy lifestyle to at least check out ONE TOPS meeting.  There is no charge to go to your first one and you are under no obligation to join if you don't think it's going to help you!  I hate to sound like some pushy "sales" person, it's just that I am passionate about it.  I think it goes unknown to so many.  You always hear about other large and more expensive options and the little guy gets shoved to the background.

Anyone want to come join me?

Here's to a good week and an even better year!  Go ME!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy 2013

It's a fresh start.  That is what the New Year means to me.  It's time to forget about the holiday season and start anew.

The holidays were killer and I had no restraint whatsoever. I was without a TOPS meeting for 2 weeks and I am positive it had a bigger affect then I had first thought.  From the scales at home, it looks like I am up about 5 pounds.  Not something I am proud of and I know how much work will be involved to get it off.  But I am determined.

On July 9, 2012, I made myself a mini goal of losing 30 pounds by Christmas.  It would have been attainable if I had worked my ass off, but alas I didn't and in the end, I was down 17 lbs.  Not bad, but not what I had hoped.

At that time, I also posted pictures.  I made my hubby take new ones tonight...let's compare shall we?  On the left is from July and the right is from tonight.

I don't notice a huge difference, but I do see a little.  I'm not sure how much of it is the difference in lighting?

I got back on the treadmill tonight for the first time really in about 4 months.  I DID NOT WANT TO!  But I told myself, I will get on and make it a goal to burn just 100 calories.

A while ago, TOPS had a program called Cut and Burn.  The idea was to burn 100 calories and cut each calories each day.  For right now, I am going to do that.  My motivation to run is not there right now, so I gotta walk before I can run.  I will get back to it, just not ready yet.

Here's to a new year and I hope you continue to follow me!