Monday, January 28, 2013

Bottom Of The Wave

That is how I feel right now.  After last week's high, my wave of weight loss is crashing.  I get like that.  I will have an awesome week where I do everything right and celebrate a stunning loss and then lose momentum the following week.  I'm down right now according to the scales at home, but I'm not real sure why to tell you the truth.  The biggest issue was we went to Costco and hit up the candy isle.  I knew that the prospect of it coming into the house was disaster for me, but I'm not strong enough to say to my husband....if we buy it, I will eat like I'm trapped on a deserted island and it's the only food source.  See, the conversation goes something like this between myself and my evil twin:

"Amy, you don't need that"
"but you did really well on the scales last week and a couple pieces won't hurt"
"Yeah, I will only have 2 pieces, that will curb the craving and I'll be satisfied"
"wow!  I don't remember licorice ever tasting that good!"
"wow! I don't remember licorice ever tasting that good!"
"couple more pieces won't hurt you"
Next thing I know, I've scarfed down 10 pieces and resent it. 

That has been my week.

I have gotten on the treadmill the past couple of nights for half an hour each and that's something.

I was going to do another part of this post, but instead...I think I will make it a double post kind of day!

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  1. Geez! Our weeks are so similar. I had a great loss last week and had some candies thinking it won't really do anything. Oh yeah! it did