Sunday, July 28, 2013

Road Trip Review - Week 2

Have you been following Julie and I along on our trip?  If you haven't, make sure you pop over and show her some blog love.
Let's recap:

  • The total distance to Troutville is 997 km
  • We have 170 days until December 31, 2013 (the end date) and that means we need to walk   5.8  km a day.
  • Our daily, everyday walking counts, but only up to half of our required distance (so 2.9 km)
  • Each 30 minute of non walking/running exercise counts as 0.5 km, up to 3.2 km of our total
The road so far:

Last week (July 14 - 20): 

  - total walked: 34.99 km
  - total eliglible: 27.44 km
      (-13.16 km behind)

This week: ( July 21 - 27)

Sunday: 11.2 km (Total) 5.5 km (Eligible)

Monday: 6.23 km (Total) 5.76 km (Eligible)

Tuesday: 7.62 km (Total) 7.55 km (Eligible)

Wednesday: 4.83 km (Total) 4.53 km (Eligible)

Thursday: 8.24 km (Total) 7.12 km (Eligible)

Friday: 7.55 m (Total) 3.59 km (Eligible)

Saturday: 3.15 km (Total) 2.9 km (Eligible)

Goal: 40.6 km
-3.65 km (behind)


Eligible: 64.39 km
-16.81 km (behind)
932.61 km to go!

All in all, my week was pretty good actually.  This weekend is where I lost it.  Usually my weekends are my best days for steps in, but not the case for this past weekend.  It was the start of my holidays and I was TIRED!  Just no energy all weekend.  No explanation other then perhaps I was in "holiday mode"

I also have to share this wise tidbit of info a friend shared.  It's from a 7 year old and it's BRILLIENT I tell ya!

She had commented to her husband over dinner how she had really "fallen off the wagon" in regards to her eating over the weekend..  Her 7 year old son pipes up and comments and says

"No Mom, you slipped off the wagon....if you fall off and the wagon is still moving you can't get back on.  If you slip off, you can still get back on."

I am going to take that very wise information and know that I only slipped off the wagon, but I am still holding on and have enough leverage to right myself and get back on!

Until next time,


Friday, July 26, 2013

What's In Your.......

I decided to try something different here.  Usually I like to have a "Fitness Friday" post, however now that I am walking to Troutville, VA and doing my Road trip Review on Sundays, my regular Friday post would just be a repeat of Sundays.

I was reading one of the other blogs I follow, and she had a picture of her cute son that was taken while grocery shopping.  I also admitted that I love when people post pictures of their everyday life.  I am nosy! I want to know what people are buying, how their house looks, what is in their cupboards!


That lead to this post.  It was time for my weekly trip to the grocery store and I thought I will do a post about

What's In My Grocery Cart!!!

Now, I didn't take pictures while I was actually shopping, I don't have one of those fancy phones that take pictures and I felt dragging my camera out would be creepy.

So, I got home, arranged it all on the table and snapped away!

So, without further ado, here is:

What's In Your Grocery Cart

This is what I have bought for the week.
We are a family of 4
The meat is 2 package of ground beef and 1 of ground pork.  I like to mix the pork and beef for burgers.

Some of the things that can be seen here:
2 bags of milk, bleach, oj, chocolate milk, cream, tomato juice, ketchup, diet ginger ale

Here you have some peanut butter, bacon bits, crackers, croutons, fruit loops, chips, bathroom stuff.  There is also some chips, mustard, stuffing, chocolate chips and lemon pie filling.

For produce this week, some bananas and extra ones for baking, peaches, tomato, red onion, cucumber and green onions.  I also bought some regular bread and 1 loaf of WW bread.
I also found these....Cinnabon Flavored Almonds! 
I sampled them....YUMM-O and really sweet.  Less calories then the spicy ones I usually get.
Ignore the butterscotch ice cream sauce!
It cost me about $200, that also includes a few things for camping and Hayden needed some sandals.

I would love to see what is in YOUR grocery cart!
Until next time,

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The Truth Of Tuesday Night

Alright, let's make this short and sweet.

I went to my meeting tonight, despite REALLY REALLY REALLY not wanting to go.  I was tired, my neck and head hurt and I knew the scale would be up.

But I put my big girl panties on and trudged on down to the church.

Last weigh in (2 weeks ago) : 243.25
This week: 244.75 lbs

Gain of 1.50 lbs

Not bad and I plan to get it under control this week!

Until next time,


Sunday, July 21, 2013

Roadtrip Review - Week 1

Ok, so if you read my last post, you will remember that my blogging bestie and I decided to go for a  walk and meet each other half way (Troutville, VA)
Let's go over the rules again shall we?

  • The total distance to Troutville is 997 km
  • We have 170 days until December 31, 2013 (the end date) and that means we need to walk   5.8 km a day.
  • Our daily, everyday walking counts, but only up to half of our required distance (so 2.9 km)
  • Each 30 minute of non walking/running exercise counts as 0.5 km, up to 3.2 km of our total
The Route:

We are following the red "direct" route
The road so far:

July 14 - 20

Sunday: 3.17 km (Total) 2.9 km (Eligible)

Monday: 3.06 km (Total) 2.9 km (Eligible)

Tuesday: 3.82 km (Total) 2.9 km (Eligible)

Wednesday: 6.63 km (Total) 6.37 km (Eligible)

Thursday: 5.79 km (Total) 3.4 km (Eligible)

Friday: 4.5 km (Total) 2.9 km (Eligible)

Saturday: 8.02 km (Total) 6.07 km (Eligible)

GOAL: 40.6 km
-13.16 km (behind)

So basically, I am about 3 days behind

Julie had a much better week then I did, go check out how far she got!  She also has a funky map to show how far she was from home and I need to wait for her to tell me how to do that too so I can tell you where I am on our route.

I need to pick up the pace or I am going to find myself on the treadmill at 11:59 pm on December 31!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Troutville, Virginia

So, I am heading out on an adventure...meeting a friend halfway between Keene, Ontario and Cape Coral, Florida.

We have decided to walk....and wanted to meet up for the end of the year, but we didn't come up with the idea soon enough, so we settled on half way.  That would be about 997 km and for my American friends 619.5 miles.  I need to walk about 5.86km each day.

Halfway would be Troutville, Virginia.

Sounds quaint huh?  Here's some info about it, thanks to Wikipedia!

Then I got browsing some pictures and I may have changed my mind.

Below is one of the pictures from Troutville, Virginia

Seriously! How BIG is that friggin thing?  Dinner plate size?  And what's up with the claws and funky ear-type thingy on the side of the head....probably so it can unlock it's jaw to eat people or something!  So yeah, I have a thing about can read about it here if you really want to find out more.

Before you poop your pants, imagining me walking that distance....relax, it's a "virtual" walk.

We have approximately 170 days from Sunday, July 14.  We made ourselves some guidelines as well.  Only half of our daily kilometers/miles(2.93 km) can come from our everyday steps.  The other half have to be pure exercise.  We don't have to just walk.  Every 30 minutes of non walking/running exercise counts for 1/2 km.

So far...I have barely packed my bags and got out of the driveway!  I have done NO extra exercise to add up to my tally.

Here is my distance thus far:

Sunday: 3.17 km
Monday: 3.06 km
Tuesday: 3.82 km


Now remember, not all of those count.....I am going to give myself 1 extra kilometer for my walk to daycare and post office this week.


Distance Travelled: 9.79 km
Distance to Go: 987.21 km

You must check out my partner in crime!

Hi Julie....I "stole" your profile picture, hope you don't mind!


She is like a long lost sister/bestest friend I could have, and we haven't even met yet!

She has two blogs, make sure you check them both out!

BTW, in case you are thinking...HEY!  This is not your usual Tuesday post...correct-o!  I didn't go to my TOPS meeting tonight...It's incredibly hot here and it's giving me a bit of headache.  I wanted a night at home in the cool air with my drugs and an early bedtime!

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Non-Scale Victory # 12

My cousin shared a story on Facebook earlier this week and it was very touching for me and gave me a moment of pride, a few of them actually.

You can read the original story here

In case you didn't stop to pop over and read it, basically it's about how the adults in the lives of children can make them feel about their bodies, how it's not good enough or perfect enough.  Too fat, too tall, too skinny and so on.  You get the point.  My cousin thanked her mom for never making them feel bad about their appearance and always loving her body for what it was.  I figure this must come down the line from the women in our family, because my mom was always the same and my grandmother too....good stalk I tell ya!

I have been fat as long as I remember, I've shared that before.  Never though did my mom make me feel bad about that.  I remember her doing Jenny Craig or something like that once as a child, but it was not a big deal, she just ate a different meal then dad and I.  It is ONE small memory, but not negative.  She NEVER expressed shame over her body and my dad continued to pinch, grab and kiss her every chance he could, still does in fact.  My mom has battle scars FOR SURE and while she will never wear a bikini or probably even a bathing suit out in public, she accepts it for what it is.

I have been struggling to lose weight for the entire time I have been a parent.  I never use the word diet in our house, because I am not on one, and never say anything in regards to negative body image.  I never call myself fat to my children or berate myself in the mirror for my appearance.  They know I go to a "meeting" every week, but they don't know the purpose of that meeting.

Never do I give them a treat and say "now only one, because too many cookies make you fat!"

I do however worry about my appearance in regards to how the peers of my children will react.  Comes from a long history of being teased I suppose.  I remember picking my son up from daycare when he was about 4 1/2 and he gives me a big hug and while I am getting his stuff together, he says to me "you're not fat, right mom?"  I asked him where he heard that from and he told me one of his friends said I was fat.  For me, that was a teaching moment.  I didn't confirm what he said, I spun it and said, "you know buddy, everyone is different and that is just fine.  We all love each other just the same and it doesn't matter.  It's not nice to say things like that to others, because it would hurt their feelings"  It's come up a few other times since then, but I treat it the same way each time.

I encourage my kids to be accepting of others, no matter their differences.  It will only make them better people and I wish other parents had done that to their own children, perhaps if they had, my own childhood would not be so scarred.

Children are innocent and a pure product of their environment, I am 100% positive of that.  I really do believe that their is no such thing as a bad child.

There is a difference between living a healthy lifestyle and "dieting" and negative body talk.  We talk about healthy food choices versus unhealthy ones.  My kids know that carrots are better for your than cookies.  They also know that treats are not a bad thing, but too many of them is not what is best for your body.

Thank you mom, for making me confident, despite the flaws of my "cage".  Thanks to my cousin for giving me the inspiration for this post.

To the mom's out there with children, be watchful of what you say, you have little ears around that listen, even when you think they don't.  Love yourself for who you are and the skin you are in.  You are wonderful and perfect despite your flaws, accept that, no matter how hard it may be.  My body might be big, but my heart is just as large!

I'm linking this up as my non-scale victory, because I am proud of the job I am doing raising children that love themselves and others for the person inside,  not the shell outside.

Thanks to Laurie Haughton of Epona Photograpy for these great pics. 
Last year I did a photo shoot with my kids and have never felt more beautiful!

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The Truth Of Tuesday Night

Well,  I did it again!

I managed to maintain my weight for another week.

Last week: 243.25 lbs
This week: 243.25 lbs

I'm glad it didn't go up, but it just goes to prove to myself that I didn't work very hard.

I had set myself 2 goals for the week.  One was to continue with 10,000 steps and the other was to log my food.

I logged my food every day, both good and bad.

As for the steps....I fell short of my goal for about 3 days last week, but I did have a sore stiff neck all weekend and could barely move.  It's slightly improved but I still can't turn my head very far to the right.

I am going to just continue on with the goals and eat a few less ice cream bars as well.

This week, I have been reading the blogs I follow and there was a theme with a couple of them.  Basically it was about accepting yourself for who you are and appreciating how hard you have worked to get where you are.

Samantha's over at 24 to 30 and Ashley's over at Picking Up The Pieces.  These are a few of the blogs I read religiously and both women have come so far in their journey and inspire me to keep going on the days when I think I can't.

They talked about compliments and having "fat days".  I know I certainly have days where I feel better then others and still don't know how to take a compliment from someone about the weight I have lost.  I usually mutter something along the lines of "oh thanks"

What I really should say is "Thanks, it's been a lot of hard work, but I am focused and proud of what I have accomplished!"

At the doctor's today, the nurse saw me and said I looked fabulous.  I said thanks, but inside, I was thinking...yah well, I have not really been working as hard as I should and that she has only met me about 3 times, she probably doesn't really remember what I looked like.

But here's the truth...while I have not lost a lot this year, I have lost just over 30 pounds.  Not just lost that amount, but have kept it off.  There is something to be said about that.

To put things in perspective for both my readers and myself, this time last year the scale read:

261.75 lbs (July 10, 2013)
243.25 lbs (July 9, 2013)

Loss of 18.5 lbs.

That's not a small amount.  Not only that, but I did it through hard work.  I didn't have surgery, use weight loss wraps, replacement shakes, diet drugs or any fad diet on the market.  I don't have a personal trainer or gym membership.  I simply ate less and moved more.  It's not easy and it's not fun, but at the end of this journey when someone asked my secrets, I can tell them to get off the couch and believe in themselves.  Shelf the idea of finding some magic tool to are that magic tool!

Until next time,


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Friday, July 5, 2013

Fitness Friday - 06/29 - 07/05

I have kept up with my goal of 10,000 steps.

I won't bother to break it down day by day this time.  It's the same....walking.  I don't do anything like squats, weights, workout dvd's etc.  I probably should, but I am still working in my comfort zone at this point.

One of the most important parts of my workout right now is my music.  I am always on the search for new music to listen to.  I tend to get stuck on the same dozen songs or so and just stuck on them F-O-R-E-V-E-R!!!!

I don't listen to a radio station that plays the most current music, rather is plays the "best of the 80's, 90's and today".  I listen to it at work and in the car.  I listen to country music on weekends when I'm at home or out with the hubby.

When I come across a song that is Rockin' Awesome, there is a good chance it's been out for quite awhile already!  OR, I like the song, but have no idea who sings it.

Here is my current playlist to perhaps get you grooving to something different.

50 Ways to Say Goodbye - Train
Girlfriend - Avril Lavigne - Remix with Lil' Mama
Cruise - Florida Georgia Line - Remix with Nelly
Stronger - Kelly Clarkson
Drive By - Train
Some Nights - Fun
Walk of Life - Dire Straits
We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together - Taylor Swift
Born This Way - Lady Gaga
Wagon Wheel - Darius Rucker

What about you?  What is on your playlist?  I'm always on the hunt for new songs!

Also, if anyone is interested, I have added a new page (you can find it on the top left hand side) - Lose It Stats.  This is where I plan to paste my daily Lose It log for reference.  Feel free to check out what I have been eating.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Non-Scale Victory # 11

It's a good thing this link up is around.  The scales have not been very impressive the past couple of weeks and are holding out at a stand still.

My NSV is maintaining and setting goals.

Last week, if you will recall, I set myself a goal of 10,000 steps a day.


In addition to that one, this week I am also going to log food for the week.

You already know all of this if you read my blog yesterday.

The food journalling will be the tough one for me, but I KNOW it also produces results.  But I dusted off my Lose It account and started logging.  Here was yesterday's results:

Daily Summary for Wed, Jul 3rd

for Amy Bickmore
Calorie Summary
Daily calorie budget1,588
Food calories consumed1,770
Exercise calories burned97
Net calories for the day1,673
+/- for the day85 over budget
Weight Summarylbs.
Goal Weight150
Start Weight275
Today's Weight243.3
Lost So Far31.8
Daily LogCalories
Pancakes, Homemade, 4"2 Each173
Butter, Salted0.666 Tablespoon68
Syrup, maple1 Tablespoon52
Bar, Granola, Chocolate Chip, Hard1 Each105
Cherries, Sweet1 Cup97
Sandwich, Ham, 6"1 Each290
Honey garlic sausage1.5 Servings345
  Nutrient data missing for: Fiber, Sugars, Chol., Sat. Fat., Sodium, Fat, Carbs, Protein
Potatoes, Red, Baby, Cooked0.5 Cup76
Butter, Salted0.666 Tablespoon68
Cupcake, Chocolate, Mini, w/ Choc Buttercreme1 Each97
Cookie, Chocolate Chip, Soft2 Each136
Licorice, Cherry2 Sticks65
Moosetracks Ice Cream0.5 Cup200
  Nutrient data missing for: Fiber, Sugars, Chol., Sat. Fat., Sodium, Fat, Carbs, Protein
Walking3 mph, moderate
20 Min

I am sick and tired of not showing any progress.  My lack of progress is simply because I have not put in the effort.  I am not committed to sweating yet though.  I will build up to that.

I did find a great new blog .  I was hooked when I was reading some older post and success stories and they asked the question about having any loose skin after loosing weight.  Honestly, this is the one question I want to ask EVERYONE that looses a lot of weight, but it's probably kind of rude.  I search high and low to find ways to avoid it, but I feel it will probably be a necessary evil.  Still not sure how I feel about it, but I can't let that stop me.  Spandex was created for a reason right?

Follow me and others over at the link up

Until next time,

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Twinkle Toes

Whenever I use that saying, one image comes to mind:

I love The Flintstones

While this is more amusing then anything else I can think of, it's not quite what I meant.

I'm talking about sore feet.  I'm not an expert by any means, (and my information on this post comes from the internet and personal experience, always consult your Dr. for diagnosis and professional assessment)

For as long as I could remember, my feet always hurt.  I remember going on a school trip that involved A LOT of walking and after half way, being in so much pain that I could barely make one more step.

I also remember the family Dr. encouraging my mom to have me pick up things, like a pencil, with my toes to strengthen those muscles.

For the past 8 years, I have been a receptionist at an orthotics clinic.  A good number of our clientele have a diagnosis of plantar fasciitis, also known as heel or bone spur.

Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar Fasciitis is caused by excessive pull of the soft tissue (plantar fascia) on the bottom of your foot.  This unwanted pull leads to inflammation of the plantar fascia and is perceived as sever pain and is amplified with each step.  Often it is worst first thing in the morning (or long periods of rest) and gradually gets better as the day goes on.

Some contribution factors to the development of plantar fasciitis can include:

  • being overweight
  • if you walk, run or stand for long periods of time, especially on hard surfaces.
  • if you have very flat feet or high arches
  • poor supportive footwear (worn out shoes, flip flops, high heel or flats)
  • tight calf muscles 
There are a number of treatment options for plantar fasciitis, a few which can be done at home.

  • Rest - reduce or avoid running, excessive walking and prolonged standing
  • Ice - this can be done with a chilled can of pop or frozen bottle of water and slowly running your foot over it, concentrating on the painful area for 10 minutes, 2 - 4 times a day.  AVOID HEAT
  • Weight Control - maintaining a healthy body weight is helpful throughout treatment
  • Footwear - try to wear supportive shoes that are cushioned, lace up with stiff soles. and have good arch support
  • Custom Foot Orthoses - this is a custom removable footbed to replace the one in your existing shoe, placing your foot in it's proper position.
  • Oral medication or cortisone injections - an anti inflammatory, such as Aleve, can be helpful, a cortisone injection would come from your doctor.
  • Night Splint - a device meant to put your foot in a stretch position that is worn at night in bed (think plastic ski boot) and there are a number of options and styles.
  • Stretching exercises - some simple exercises to stretch the inflamed area that can be done at home.  Doing them twice a day is beneficial.
IMPORTANT: These stretching exercises should not cause pain, but rather a pulling feeling. Try to do each exercise 2 or 3 times during the day; not necessarily all in one sitting.

Heel pain exercises: before getting out of bed

Plantar Fasciitis causes many people to experience intense heel pain in the morning, when taking the first steps after getting out of bed. This pain comes from the tightening of the plantar fascia that occurs during sleep. Stretching or massaging the plantar fascia before standing up will help reduce heel pain.
Plantar Fasciitis Foot Stretch1) Before sitting up, Stretch your foot by flexing it up and down 10 times.
2) While seated, roll a rolling pin or tennis ball with the arch of your foot. If you are able to, progress to doing this exercise while you are standing up.
After these exercises, put on your shoes (with orthotics inside them) or wear supportive sandals. Do not start the day walking barefoot on hard floors or tiles, or your heel pain will return.

Heel pain relief exercises: during the day

Calf Stretchheel pain exercise-calf stretch

Stand facing a wall with your hands on the wall at about eye level. Put the leg you want to stretch about a step behind your other leg.  Keeping your back heel on the floor, bend your front knee until you feel a stretch in the back leg.
Hold the stretch for 15 to 20 seconds. Repeat 4 times.

Achilles Tendon Stretch

heel pain exercise - achilles tendon stretchStand on a step as shown. Slowly let your heels down over the edge of the step as you relax your calf muscles.
Hold the stretch for about 15 to 20 seconds, then tighten your calf muscle a little to bring your heel back up to the level of the step. Repeat 4 times.

Hamstring Stretchheel pain exercise-hamstring stretch

Extend one leg in front of you with the foot flexed. Bend your other knee and lean back slightly. Your pelvis should be tilted forward. Keep your upper body upright as you hold the stretch for 10-20 seconds, then switch sides.
You should feel the stretch up the back of your extended leg (all the way up your calf and thigh).

Marble Lifts

plantar fasciitis exercise-toe marble lifts
Place marbles on the floor next to a cup, as shown. Using your toes, try to lift the marbles up from the floor and deposit them in the cup. Repeat exercise 15 times.

Plantar fasciitis exercise-towel stretch

Towel Stretch

Grab a rolled towel at both ends, holding it under the ball of your foot. Gently pull the towel toward you while keeping your knee straight. Hold this position for 15 to 20 seconds. Repeat 4 times.

Original source for exercises can be found here

At our clinic, we made our custom orthoses on site from start to finish.  We take a plaster cast of your foot, build the orthotics off of that mould.  This allows us to easily make adjustments.

When you get new orthoses, we suggest you break them in slowly, just like you would new shoes.  An hour today, two hours tomorrow, etc.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

The Truth Of Tuesday Night

If you recall, last week I was so inspired by our TOPS awards night that I set myself a mini goal of getting in at least 10,000 steps each day.

I am very proud to report that I kept that goal and in most instances, got in more than 10,000 steps.

It was easier than I thought.  It basically amounted to my normal activity for the day, plus a 10 - 20 minute walk.  Eventually, I think I would like to increase that goal a bit, but for now I am going to stay with that number.

As for the scales,

Last week: 243.25 lbs
This week: 243.25 lbs

No change, AGAIN

I managed to stay the same last week and that is the next best thing to losing.  I probably could have done better if I managed my eating better last week in conjunction with the steps, but I vowed to only focus on one task at a time.  Which meant, I pretty much ate the calories I burned, but the ice cream was yummy.

This week, I decided to add another task for the week to increase my goal.

This week, I am also going to add a food journal.  This is the real tough one for me.  I do well for about half of the day and then forget about it later.  Again, it will just be the journaling, not worrying about the quality or quantity of food, just the honesty of tracking it.

On a side note, thanks so much for all the nice comments I get.  It's nice to read them and there are even some new people, so Hello and thanks.
I do my best to reply to everyone that comments, but there are some of you that are listed as "no-reply blogger", which means your e-mail is not linked up to allow me to click "reply"

If you haven't gotten a response to a comment you made, that could very well be the reason.  I used to be one too until I found this great tutorial and changed it!  Hope you will too!

Until next time,

UPDATE, found a new link up....I'm joining :-)

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