Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Troutville, Virginia

So, I am heading out on an adventure...meeting a friend halfway between Keene, Ontario and Cape Coral, Florida.

We have decided to walk....and wanted to meet up for the end of the year, but we didn't come up with the idea soon enough, so we settled on half way.  That would be about 997 km and for my American friends 619.5 miles.  I need to walk about 5.86km each day.

Halfway would be Troutville, Virginia.

Sounds quaint huh?  Here's some info about it, thanks to Wikipedia!

Then I got browsing some pictures and I may have changed my mind.

Below is one of the pictures from Troutville, Virginia

Seriously! How BIG is that friggin thing?  Dinner plate size?  And what's up with the claws and funky ear-type thingy on the side of the head....probably so it can unlock it's jaw to eat people or something!  So yeah, I have a thing about frogs....you can read about it here if you really want to find out more.

Before you poop your pants, imagining me walking that distance....relax, it's a "virtual" walk.

We have approximately 170 days from Sunday, July 14.  We made ourselves some guidelines as well.  Only half of our daily kilometers/miles(2.93 km) can come from our everyday steps.  The other half have to be pure exercise.  We don't have to just walk.  Every 30 minutes of non walking/running exercise counts for 1/2 km.

So far...I have barely packed my bags and got out of the driveway!  I have done NO extra exercise to add up to my tally.

Here is my distance thus far:

Sunday: 3.17 km
Monday: 3.06 km
Tuesday: 3.82 km


Now remember, not all of those count.....I am going to give myself 1 extra kilometer for my walk to daycare and post office this week.


Distance Travelled: 9.79 km
Distance to Go: 987.21 km

You must check out my partner in crime!

Hi Julie....I "stole" your profile picture, hope you don't mind!


She is like a long lost sister/bestest friend I could have, and we haven't even met yet!

She has two blogs, make sure you check them both out!



BTW, in case you are thinking...HEY!  This is not your usual Tuesday post...correct-o!  I didn't go to my TOPS meeting tonight...It's incredibly hot here and it's giving me a bit of headache.  I wanted a night at home in the cool air with my drugs and an early bedtime!


  1. I love Julie!! I am so glad you are partnering up with her on this excursion! It will certainly be an experience and great fun. You two girls got this!!

  2. OMG I'm famous!!

    I should do an update on the same night as you... maybe before bed (or tomorrow hehehehe)
    don't worry, we'll be trekking in no time! I have not yet made it out of the county either, as you know I'm no marathon runner! ;-)