Thursday, January 17, 2013

Time To Put My Big Girl Panties On!

I don't mean literally, technically, I always wear big girl shopping in the Junior Section here!

What I mean is, I decided yesterday in regards to this weight loss's time to start acting like an adult and just do it. 

I could go and blame everyone and everything under the sun, but the cold hard truth is, I'm an adult and at this point, no one is going to make the changes that need to be made but ME!!!!

No longer am I under the control and supervision of my parents, so I can't blame them.  They don't make me eat that chocolate bar or bowl of ice cream.

If I want to start liking vegetables, then I need to make an effort to put myself in a situation to like them.   I need to take the same approach I do with my children.  I make them try one bite, more than once!

No one is going to walk on the treadmill but me, so no one is going to police me into doing it.  Besides, if they did, I would hate them for it....stop nagging me already!

Measuring and weighting out my food DOES make a difference! It's boring, I hate it and it's just one more step, but it's a necessary evil.

I need to plan....plan what is for dinner, what is for lunch, etc. so I am not stuck with nothing to take or starving and resorting to crap to fill the empty void.

I need to love myself for who I am, at the stage I am in, but I also need to love myself enough to realize that change is necessary.

While at the Dr's yesterday, I sucked it up and asked for a referral to the dietitian.  Why would I not make use of this valuable and FREE resource? 

I'm not ashamed of where I am...I have done ok for myself, but I do know that I need to ramp it up.   That is easier said then done, but it's time to get the scale going back in the right direction.

I also know that I am fickle person and I might say this today and jump on that bandwagon for a couple weeks and then it fades.  I also decided that it's ok to be like that, so long as I jump from one thing to the next that works.  When it stops working is when I need to set myself straight again.

It's a struggle, but I have to deal with it, because this struggle and I am going to be best buddies for awhile!


  1. So true, this is just the reminder I needed to remember that I can only do this for myself

  2. Do you need a daily "You rule! Keep it up!!" email? I can set an alarm like I do for my daily meds (no, not crazy pills!) and do that for you! :)

  3. Thanks for this post, I needed to read it today. Of course I will magically forget about these absolute truths at first sight of fried chicken or something, but I definitely like what I'm hearing.

  4. You can do it! I look forward to following along!