Thursday, January 10, 2013

Cheater Cheater Pumpkin Eater

Back in June, I posted this blog about weight loss surgery and how I would love to make use of that "quick fix" if the pocket book allowed it.

A number of people commented, but the one that stuck with me the most was from a woman who had had surgery and she let me in on a little secret and I am going to let you in on what she said too, in case you didn't catch the comment.

Basically she said, all the surgery did was limit the ability to eat the things that are not good for you, like chocolate cake, but it doesn't take away the cravings you have for it.  It was hard and stressful and depressing...she felt like she lost her best friend.

It's been about 6 months since that post and you know what?  I am coping...I have managed to lose over 20 lbs in one year.  It's not a lot, nor is it as much as I was hoping, but I'm happy.  It's still going in the right direction.  This year, I hope to double it.  I really want to ramp it up this year and while I say that, I do still need to put that plan in action.  Right now I am working on the diet aspect and trying to get away from the nasty snacking habit I picked up somewhere.  My body does not need it.  I dont' like to snack between meals or in the evening.

My mind set is changing and where as before I thought weight loss surgery or any of the other programs out there were a good way to go, I now feel like they are cheating.  It can be done with hard work.  And it is HARD. 

                                                         Choose your hard!

I am nervous and leery of any program that has you limit what you eat and then gives you supplements to make up for what's lacking. Why can't you balance that out and eat naturally?  I don't need to starve myself and I can still enjoy the foods I love.  Just not every day.  If my calorie allotment is 1500 a day and I go over, I need to work it off...simple math.  Right after Christmas, I had 2 chocolates (150 calories).  That night I got on the treadmill and walked for about 30 minutes.  When I was done, I looked and noticed I had burned about 150 calories.  I put it in perspective and said to myself (with disappointment) that my walk basically just burned off those 2 teeny tiny, itsty bitsy chocolates instead of fat. The chocolates didn't taste so good after all.  But I don't regret having them.  Better to curb that craving now then a few hours later when I would have had 4 of them.

The other thing I have come to realize is that this blog is MINE.  MY way to journal this process, MY way to express my concerns and struggles, MY way to vent my personal feelings.  I have to stop thinking that others will not like me because of what I say.  I don't say anything to make people upset and if you have or are using a method I don't agree with or want to use, it doesn't mean I don't support you in your endeavors.  It's a lifetime of wanting people to like me coming out and I have to friends are true to me and as adults we are allowed a difference of opinions.


  1. Great post Amy!
    I think 20 lbs is great. The way I look at is if I loose is slower I will have a better change of actually keeping it opinion anyway ;)

  2. 20lbs is a step in the right direction. You are taking it slow and steady which is important! Do not try to rush yourself just because it "should" come off faster. Take your time, you have the rest of your life to focus on maintaining your weight.

  3. Amy!
    Way to go! 20lbs is excellent! Think about it, that's 20lbs more than someone else lost that regrets everything you do times TWO!

    I know this is YOUR blog, but thank you for letting ME in on it! :)

    I hope you double your loss this year, but just do't rush it. Look at the monthly number, not daily or weekly! That's what I'm doing. Once a month "picture weigh-in"! :)

  4. Hey Amy, Great job! You are doing amazing! I have been following my plan but have stopped the supplements and so far no issues. Thanks for your support

  5. Oh no! I noticed that I was pretty much the only other commenter on that post and I hope you didn't take my words the wrong way. To clarify, I don't want you to have surgery. I want you to succeed at losing weight though and if nothing else works and your life is on the line then have the surgery.

    Since that post though, we have seen you lose weight so I'm thinking that what you do to lose weight does work and I feel it can work for most anyone.

    Let's reiterate - You HAVE lost weight! Without surgery, without pills, without gimmicks!! You can do it!

    But whatever you do or however you do it, it's your decision and your life. I just want you to live a long and healthy life. 'Nuff said!