Friday, November 2, 2012

Friday Wrap Up

Usually, this is the point when my good intentions go to hell in a hand basket.

I am sure hoping it doesn't and will try my best.

Here is how my day started with temptation:

Left over Halloween candy, only inches away from me at work.  Truthfully, it hasn't tempted me today much.  I was able to stay out of it..sort of....I did however feel the need to discover the secret of the Caramilk bar!

So, we made it through that round.

Round 2!

Dinner out.  I had planned on doing pretty good with this.  I went onto the websites for a couple of different restaurants we like to go to and planned out my meal.  I ended up staying later at work then I intended and brought home supper instead.  For dessert, I did indulge in a couple more chocolate bars.

So, here are the numbers:

Calorie Intake for today:  1780

Over by 132 calories.

This is what I don't get though.  The numbers I have set up are intended to see me lose 2 pounds a week.  I jumped on my scales at home after dinner just to see.  I use them as a guide to let me know if I am up or down over the week.  Firstly, let me say, I KNOW that the scales vary from day to day, depending on the time, etc.  I made sure to get on them when I was feeling the most full.  There was a good 3 - 4 pound difference.  If I was smart, I would say:

"look how well you are doing...don't blow it now!"

Anyway, this is the food run down for the day;


1 granola bar
1 banana


3/4 stuffed chicken breast
1/2 serving of pasta
1/3 cup of sauce


Fish and chips


3 mini chocolate bars

Here's too a strong weekend!!

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