Thursday, November 1, 2012

Ho Hum!

It's Thursday y'all!  Almost Friday!

Day 2 of tracking food.  Still don't like it, but remain true to keeping it honest.

Ok, so again, calorie intake for the day: 1648

I did a bit worse than yesterday actually: 2097 calories

Over by 449!


1 granola bar
1 Pineapple Yogurt (which I didn't like, BTW)
1 cup raspberries


1 cup tomato soup made with milk
1 1/2 slices of black forest ham
30 g. Havarti cheese
1 low-calorie chocolate pudding


1 stuffed chicken breast
176 g of pasta (FYI, that is the weight of 1 serving, cooked)
1/2 cup sauce
2 mozzarella sticks
1 slice of Italian bread with butter


1/2 bagel with butter
6 mini chocolate bars.

Reading this, seeing how much I was over, I can just see how many things I could have done without.....let's list them shall we?

- yogurt (not nutritionally, but because it wasn't enjoyable)
- mozzarella sticks
- Italian bread with butter
- 6 mini chocolate bars

These 4 items equal 635 calories.  A tad bit more than I was over!

Also, I did get on the treadmill tonight for my first run in about 3 months.  My heart and mind wasn't into it tonight AND I didn't want to push my foot too hard.  I managed to burn about 73 calories...I had hoped for 100, but just couldn't get into the mindset!  Next time!

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  1. Amy:

    I hatehateHATE pineapple yogurt too!