Saturday, March 29, 2014

30-Day Water Challenge...Again!

In February, I posted HERE how I was going to start the 30-Day Water Challenge.  I felt the need to up my water intake and decrease my pop intake.

I went fairly strong for the first half and it got a little lack luster towards the end.  In March when the challenge was water intake took a steep decline.

I told myself time and again that I would get back into it but I never did.  The reason was that I didn't print off the track sheet.  That little visual chart really kept me on track.  I promised myself I would get them all printed out and taped into my recording book for April.

So, for April I am going to try again.  Anyone want to join me?  I put it out there last time and I'm not sure if anyone joined me or not.  I know I had a few people who didn't feel they were up to the challenge and that 8 glasses of water a day was just setting themselves up for failure.

Here's the can't hurt to try.  If you currently are not getting in 8 glasses, you can't do worse right?  Even better....I can 110% guarantee that the police will NOT come for you if you don't drink your 8 glasses a day.  So, I suggest you try it, you might surprise yourself.  With the little check-list you might just do better then you think.  I know for me it helped that if I got in 6 and could see that I only needed to check off 2 more, it was easier to chug a glass then without it.

Come on...who's with me!?!?


  1. I love this idea!!
    Definitely joining in on it with you. c:
    Haha, glad I wont get arrested if I don't get my 8 glasses in. XD


  2. That's a great idea! I do well with water when I'm working but not when I'm at home. This will help me stay accountable on weekends!

  3. Good idea! I started drinking more water years ago and feel SO much better during the day! Good luck!

  4. I'm going to attempt it again! Just need to print and put in my planner. Woke up this morning to what felt like a hangover and I KNOW I wasn't drinking! I do know I didn't drink nearly enough water and need to make it a better habit!

  5. I already drink close to 100oz of water almost every day (I'd say 13 out of every 14 days I hit it) and mostly it's because we don't keep communal sodas in the fridge at work and I am try hard to do the infused water thing even though I hate it!

    So, I won't officially join you, but I will root for you and everyone else who joins!! :-) :-)