Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The Truth of Tuesday Night

Another week has passed and that means it is time for my weekly TOPS meeting.

I have been looking forward to them over the past couple weeks, knowing I am working hard to see some results on the scale.

One of the things we do each week is pick a "restricted" item contributed by members.  We each submitted 2 items that are troublesome for us and each week, we will pick one from the envelope and challenge ourselves to avoid it.

This week's restricted food is:

no more than 2 servings of breads (meaning breads, rolls, bagels, etc.) or cereal (not including pasta, etc)

This selection was a bit more descriptive than usual, we have also had things such as ice cream, chips and french fries.

Feel free to follow along with this challenge.

Ok, enough stalling....time for the results on the scale.

Last week:  263.00 lbs

This week: 262.50

Again, only another 1/2 lb, which I know is pretty good, but I was hoping my running had paid off a bit.

I need to be even stricter with my food intake and ban ALL snacks and goodies.  The week I did that, I lose 3.5 lbs.

But, I will take the half pound and put another notch on the loss side of the board!

Until next time,



  1. I'm still proud of you :) It sucks when you realise that it only works when you actually do it. I stalled out last week too and didn't lose anything... time to ramp up the exercise!

  2. While I'm glad that you had a loss, a good loss (yay!), I'm not on board with this restricted food thing. I think that when you restrict something even for a short amount of time, you are more likely to want it and binge on it. Only time will tell if having restricted foods works for you, but I wouldn't put too much pressure on yourself - eating what you want in moderation seems the best route (in my opinion!)