Thursday, December 20, 2012

Did Anyone Miss Me?


November 6th!

That was the last time I blogged.  Life got in the way and basically, I stopped caring.  Stopped focusing. Stopped trying. 

Things have now slowed down and my time is my own, except for this pesky all consuming thing called Christmas!

I would like to say I am back on track, that I am running again and skipping the junk, but that would be a lie!  Is my foot feeling better to run? YUP! Has been for awhile now, but I have not gotten on the treadmill once....ok...I did ONCE and it damn near killed me.

I would like to say now that work is finishing up for the year, I will have time during the day to exercise and focus on my eating...that too would be a lie.

I made a promise that I will pull it together in the new year.  To me, that means once school is back in session and holidays are over - January 7th, 2013.

The last time I shared my weight, I had lost a whopping 4.5 pounds and hit the scales at 246.75 lbs.

Since that time, I pretty much bounced back and forth between that and 250 lbs.  As of Tuesday, I am back to 246.25 lbs.  If I can do good to maintain that over the holidays I will be pleased.

I also learned at my meeting that over the course of the year, my weight is down 22.75 lbs from January last year.  I had no idea I had done so well!  This is just one of the reasons going to TOPS is great.

I had a few friends touch base with me during my blogging absence ( all within 3 days of each other)  It really did mean so much to me.  While it didn't get me blogging, it did help me keep slightly focused.  I was telling one girlfriend that I had no desire to do any of this, eat well, exercise, blog, etc.  She told me 2 great pieces of advice.  The blog will come as the weight comes off.  TRUTH!  It's no fun for me to write about some beached whale.  Also, she reminded me that it IS hard to both eat well and exercise this time of year.  So, if you can't do both, pick one!  Her advice was so true.  I wish I could say I picked one and stuck to it, but nope!

So, here I am, getting ready for the festivities and hoping I get through it without too many extra pounds.  I can't promise that there will be many blogs between now and January 7th, but know this:

Thanks to everyone who reads this blog.  It does mean a lot to me.  I will try my hardest to be successful or at least not a total failure.  Come the new year, I will be back on track with all of it, including the blog.  I do hope to do one more post before the end of 2012, so stay tuned! :-)


  1. I was actually going to email or FB message you about a week ago that I hadn't seen a blog in a while... but like you I got busy!
    I am going to try and use MFP again, but am waiting until January 1st. I have a feeling I will be up tonight, but have stayed the same over the past 3 weeks...
    Congrats on your yearly weight loss.... I am up about 15 pounds since Janaury... Guess I didn't pay attention!

  2. We're all busy.. I need to post too but my desktop computer broke down right near the end of the semester... so I'm computerless and I try not to use John's laptop cuz 1: I hate the touchpad and 2: he's so picky about his stupid settings LOL.

    I do hope you follow your friend's advice and keep to it for the rest of the year. I am continuing my gym -int although I've fallen off the foodwagon.

    Miss you! Hope we chat soon!! :)

  3. Hey Amy. Thanks for the suggestion of TOPS. I will look into them. Great job on the loss for this year. Sometimes we have to look back to truly see how far we have come