Tuesday, February 10, 2015

The Truth Of Tuesday Night

 I am an intelligent person
I will control my emotions,
not let my emotions control me.
Every time I am tempted to use food to satisfy my frustrated desires, build up my ego or dull my senses,
I will remember - even though I overeat in private,
my excess poundage is there for all the world to see!

I'm going to keep this as short and simple as I can tonight.  It's already 9:10 pm and I am ready for bed.

The scale was not my friend this week.  While I can't JUST blame it on "girly" things, I know it's a contributing factor...I just feel BLECH!

Let's get to the good stuff, shall we?

Last week: 253.50 lbs
This week: 255.50 lbs

Gain: 2.00 lbs

Together as a group tonight, we made a plan.  We started doing our "Forbidden Food" of the week again.  This week it is Bread.  I personally am not one for the forbidden food, because once I am told I can't have it, I want it even more...and bread is basically my life, so this one won't happen for me, but I will do my best to have LESS bread!

We also agreed that anytime we have done a food journal as part of our program and someone presented it...that person lost weight.  So for this week, we are ALL going to keep a food journal and share them next week.  This will without a doubt help me, because it always does, I just suck at doing it!

So, there you have it....that is MY truth of Tuesday night!

You take my hand, 
and I'll take yours,
and we'll start out today.
For a helping hand is what we need to help us on our way.
The way to goal is a lonely road, 
we need someone to care.
Reach out my friend and take my hand, 
and then we're almost there!

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  1. FINALLY you will start writing a food journal. Looking forward to seeing how well you do for the next weigh in. I happen to know a very good place where you can keep your food journal and have accountability..... ;)