Sunday, October 13, 2013

Road Trip Review - Week # 13

Ok, first off, I have a short update for you all.

After some review from the navigator of this journey, the lovely Julie, noticed that our end destination is not Troutville, Virgina.  In fact it is Morrow Mountain State Park in Albermarel, North Carolina.  See, there was a crease in the map, so the half way point didn't show up correctly.

I must admit, I'm ok with this.  Remember, there were big ass frogs in Troutville.  But look at the pics of where we get to go now!

Morrow Mountain State Park is a state park in Stanly County, North Carolina, USA.  Located near Albemarle, it covers 4,742 acres within the Uwharrie Mountains. - Wikipedia
Let's review!

  • The total distance to Morrow Mountain State Park in Albemarle, NC is 997 km
  • We have 170 days until December 31, 2013 (the end date) and that means we need to walk   5.8  km a day.
  • Our daily, everyday walking counts, but only up to half of our required distance (so 2.9 km)
  • Each 30 minute of non walking/running exercise counts as 0.5 km, up to 3.2 km of our total
The road so far:

Week 1 ( July 14 - 20):

 - total walked: 34.99 km
  - total eligible: 27.44 km
      (-13.16 km behind)

Week 2 ( July 21 - 27)

 - total walked: 48.82 km
  - total eligible: 36.95 km
      (-3.65 km behind)

Week 3 ( July 28 - Aug. 3)

 - total walked: 36.39 km
  - total eligible: 25.30 km
      (-15.30 km behind)

Week 4 (Aug 4 - 10):

  - total walked: 58.44 km
  - total eligible: 42.91 km
      (+2.31 km over)

Week 5 (Aug 11 - 17):

  - total walked: 45.95km
  - total eligible: 35.49km
      (-5.11km behind)

Week 6 (Aug 18 - 24):

  - total walked: 56.91km
  - total eligible: 41.11km
      (+0.51 km over)

Week 7 (Aug 25 - 31):

  - total walked: 49.32km
  - total eligible: 42.45 km
      (+1.85 km over)

Week 8 (Sept 1 - 7):

  - total walked: 52.58 km
  - total eligible: 39.86 km
     (-0.74 km behind)

Week 9 (Sept 8 - 14):

  - total walked: 74.52 km
  - total eligible: 60.04km
     (+19.44 km over)

Week 10 (Sept 15 - 21):

  - total walked: ? km
  - total eligible: 28.92 km
     (-11.95 km behind)

Last week (Sept 29 - Oct 5):

  - total walked: 38.81 km
  - total eligible: 30.90 km
      (--9.70 km behind)

This week: (Oct 6 - Oct 12)

Sunday: 2.90 km (Total) 2.90 km (Eligible)

Monday: 2.07 km (Total) 2.07 km(Eligible)

Tuesday: 2.99 km (Total) 2.99 km (Eligible)

Wednesday: 1.87 km (Total) 1.87 km (Eligible)

Thursday: 8.38 km (Total) 5.34 km (Eligible)

Friday: 7.04 km(Total) 7.01 km (Eligible)

Saturday: 8.68 km (Total) 8.68 km (Eligible)

Goal: 40.6 km
-9.47 (behind)


Eligible: 481.94 km
-45.59 km (behind)

555.66 km to go!

My week started off poor and finished strong.  Saturday's km were spent at the Toronto Zoo.  It was a great day and I was so happy that my feel was feeling well enough to do that trip as a family.  Don't get me wrong, they were tired by the end of the day, but not painful to walk on.  If it wasn't so much money and over an hour drive, it would be a great place to go for regular exercise that you would know the kids would love.  We do have a zoo here that our kids love AND it's free.

I really do hope to have a better week this week.  Now that I have to get even more km per day, I need to work in time to get that done.  My evenings are pretty busy right now getting ready for the craft sale at the end of November.  Right now my best bet is on Tuesdays and Thursdays after work. I finish early on those days and have a sitter at the house for the kids.



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  1. Your new destination looks so much nicer than Troutville! Hopefully the change helps your mileage a bit. You will rock the mileage for the upcoming week, keep yourself focused on your goal and you will hit it! Stay positive and motivated!