Thursday, October 24, 2013

The Truth Of Tuesday Night

It's a 2'fer day here for the blog.

I am SO behind.  I have been terribly busy getting ready for the craft sale I am participating in this Saturday and my evenings for the past 2 weeks have been spent hunkered down in my basement with a paint brush in hand.  The end is in sight though!

Anyway, I didn't blog last week.  There was really nothing to get all excited about.

When I last did this post it was September 25th.  The scale read 244.0 lbs.

I missed a week of TOPS and then the Tuesday after Thanksgiving, I was up on the scale - 244.25 lbs.  A quarter of a pound is pretty good for after Thanksgiving.

In an attempt to get caught up on my road trip, I did a lot of walking last week and it paid off for me.

So, here are the numbers again in case you missed them:

Last week: 244.25 lbs
This week: 243.00 lbs.

A loss of 1.25 lbs is pretty good.  I'm not going to get all excited and celebrate it much though.  My trend this year has been to take that off and put it back on.  I should do ok for next week, only because I am so busy this weekend and there won't be time to think about food.

Wanna know where I will be on Saturday and what I'm selling?

Last year mom and I made some fall crafts and sold them just to friends and other people online.  We even started a Facebook page (stop by and "like" us if you are on Facebook)  We did very well and continued on through Christmas and did even better.  Our "company" name is LyAmy Krafts ( my mom is Lynne and I am Amy = LyAmy)
Here are a few pictures of what we will be selling!

I'm linking up today too!  Go check out everyone else and cheer them on!

Weigh In Wedneday

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  1. Looks like a cool festival to be at, both as a vendor and the average Joe.