Tuesday, December 31, 2013

What I hope 2014 Brings

Not unlike every other person out there, the pending New Year is a time for reflection and goal setting.

I knew I needed to set some goals for this upcoming year.  I honestly have never really done that and so it's no wonder that I haven't really succeeded much up to this point.

Last year was a complete waste of time really.  I didn't work hard at all and my lack of focus showed for sure.  As I mentioned earlier, I only lost 5 lbs.

So, I gave myself some grace and decided to just let it all go until January 1st.  For then I would set myself some goals and put a plan into place.

I think my plan to hold off until 2014 was a good one.  I am anxious to start and have been working on my plan.

First off, I set myself a weight loss goal.  I have never really done that before.  I always knew where  wanted to be at the end, but didn't figure out my path to get there.

I said after our TOPS rally this year that I would be KOPS 2015.  For me to get there, my weight loss goal needs to be:

5 lbs a month.

This is totally do-able.  I had thought of saying I needed to lose so much per week, but numbers can fluctuate so much and I didn't want one bad week to through my momentum off.

This is how I will get there:



I am NOT a planner or list maker and truthfully, it's my downfall.  Things feel so much more seamless when I plan it out. 

So what does planning mean?  It means planning meals, what exercise I am doing and logging every food I eat.  I have drafted up a book to help me along.  Do I think it will peeter out after a bit?  Perhaps...but I hope not.  I hope that for once in my life I can stick to it.

Here is what I came up with:

I am also going to plan in my blogging.  I need to do better with it.  While it is a personal record of my own journey, sharing keeps me accountable.

What are your goals for this upcoming year?  What is your plan to make it happen?


  1. Love the book idea. Fingers crossed it works for you.
    I don't have any immediate plans for 2014. I'm not a new year resolution girl... When ever I make them I always fail. I just want to focus more on eating healthier and getting more active. Hopefully that will help the scale :)

  2. You already know my goal so let's hope I don't completely fail!