Wednesday, May 7, 2014

The Truth Of Tuesday Night

Well, I pretty much checked out for the month of April.   My heart wasn't into any of this journey.  I didn't want to blog, exercise, work on my walking challenge, eat well or anything else.  That pretty much is exactly what I did...and I paid for it!

After having skipped the week before, I went to my TOPS meeting last night and was not the least bit surprised by the results on the scale.

I weighted in at 242.25 lbs

That was a gain of 2.25 lbs

Over the month of April, I managed to gain 4.25  lbs.  Just stellar Amy!

So, it's a new month and time to refocus.  I have read a few other blogs where the writers are in the same frame of mind.  That got me wondering...what is it about April?  Is it because the rejuvenation we feel at the beginning of the year is starting to waver?  That winter is finally over (or should be) and we can fire up the BBQ and have all the yummy foods that go with that?  Easter?  Birthdays?  It doesn't really matter does it?  It is what it is and now it's time to buckle down and focus.

For my dear readers out there....I'm in blog catch up mode, so be prepared for a few to be posted in the next couple of days.

Weigh In Wednesday


  1. Ugh April was tough for me because it still wasn't warm yet even though it's April and should be spring like!
    Good luck getting back on track!

  2. Everyone goes through "slump months" here and there. April wasn't one for me, but it has definitely happened more times then I like to admit. The important thing is getting right back on track once you feel like yourself again! :)

  3. April was horrible! I had the mindset that because I have bursitis in my knee and cannot run, then I am not exercising at all. Which meant a 13 lb gain for the month of April. Certainly not smart on my part!! But it hit me that I can exercise, just not run and I have to do what I can without running.

  4. I'm so glad spring is here, because it's been a looooong winter. Good luck with your goals this month!