Sunday, June 29, 2014

The Garden

For the past 3 years or so, instead of flowers in our front flower beds, we have planted veggies and each year we plant a bit more.

It never occurred to me to plant a garden.  We are not much on veggies, plus my parents just live around the corner and have a large garden that they were happy to share.  But let me tell you, there is something nice about going out your front door for fresh produce.

I always planted a tomato plant for myself for a sandwich, but that was about it.

Last year was our biggest year to date...we planted about 6 tomato plants, green peppers, lettuce and potatoes.

This year...we expanded!

Front and centre....Carrots and lettuce

Wispy bit at the far right - garlic
4 green pepper plants

close up of carrots

Lettuce and Onions

Potatoes and the tall plants at the back are sunflowers

plants at the wheel is cucumber

the other side has cantaloupe

View of the garden at the front of the house

smaller garden in the front with cucumber, cantaloupe and more tomato plants
Yes!  We have a cannon

few more tomato plants

In part this post is to show just how well I grow veggies, but my main point is to show you that even if you don't have a large space, you can have a garden.  Do you have lovely flower beds you plant every year?  Swap them out for veggies next year.  Your gardens will still look lush and full, but you will profit off of it later.  I bought all of the veggies (except potatoes) already started and the total cost was $24.00.  That is a HUGE savings, also if you take into account that the tomatoes get turned into spaghetti sauce.    Oh and fresh tastes really really does!  Lot of work you say?  I don't think so.  There is some weeding, but if you stay of top of it, it won't overwhelm you (or you can find a hubby like mine that does the work), and I water mine when I remember.

How does YOUR garden grow?


  1. I have green beans growing in a pot at the moment! I am proud they are not dead yet!!

    Maybe I will get some veggies on! :-)

    Your garden is beautiful! :-) :-)

  2. I tried a container garden one year, but nothing grew. I have a problem paying for water to water plants etc.
    Great garden! Can't wait to see what comes out of it :)