Tuesday, April 28, 2015

The Truth Of Tuesday Night

 I am an intelligent person
I will control my emotions,
not let my emotions control me.
Every time I am tempted to use food to satisfy my frustrated desires, build up my ego or dull my senses,
I will remember - even though I overeat in private,
my excess poundage is there for all the world to see!

I skipped posting last week and if I was being completely honest...I was too embarrassed to!  Over the course of one week, I had gained 3 lbs!  I suspect that most of that was put on during our night away to see the new house.

The trip did make me realize something.....I have an unhealthy emotional attachment to food.  While I don't think that it's uncommon, I didn't every really attach that to myself.  But I came to realize it when we stopped at Tim Horton's for breakfast sandwiches.  I was anticipating it the whole 45 minute drive....we ordered and I got everyone's out.  When I got to mine, it was totally wrong and I honestly wanted to cry.  YES!  I was so disappointed over a bagel and egg sandwich that I wanted to tear up.  I shook some sense into myself and realized how foolish that was!

So, I went last week, armed with my homework we had from my program the previous week.

My week one challenge to change had me exercising everyday.  I did it!  Even if it was only 15 minutes, I got out and did something extra everyday.  It must have paid off a bit because I was down.

Last week: 260.00 lbs

This week: 258.50 lbs

Loss of 1.50 lbs

For this upcoming week, I have decided to stay within my calorie limit (1625 as per Lose It) and log every day.  I also intend to keep up the exercise.

I actually have a virtual 5 km tomorrow with my bestie, Julie!  Wish us fast feet and success! :-)

You take my hand, 
and I'll take yours,
and we'll start out today.
For a helping hand is what we need to help us on our way.
The way to goal is a lonely road, 
we need someone to care.
Reach out my friend and take my hand, 
and then we're almost there!

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  1. Great job on keeping with your exercise challenge and your loss! Keep it up!!