Saturday, May 26, 2012

My Food Addiction

That pretty much sums up how I feel about food.


I crave it, I search for it and eat things I don't want or need to try and satisfy it.

The only problem with a food addiction is that you can't do without it!  You HAVE to eat!  Some days I wish I was addicted to cigarettes or booze....those I could avoid if I had to.  But with a family and myself to feed, I must face food everyday.

Now, some could say, well, just surround yourself with healthy food.  That would be a valid point and I am going to attempt to argue them ( and then prove to myself how silly my reasoning's sound)

1)  I have kids and a husband that can eat the "good stuff", why should I deprive them, just because I can't stay out?

- Well, I guess one could argue that they don't need it either and by not providing them with it, they learn healthier lifestyles.  But then, what would I bribe or reward them with?  Oh right...that just teaches them that food makes them feel good, so later on in life when they are sad or hurt, they grab the junk to ease the pain.  At this point, the treats will stay.  It makes my kids happy and come on, how can you turn away from a chocolate kiss!

2)  I don't like many fruits or vegetables, that was the way I was raised.

- While it's true that I wasn't asked to try difference foods when I was younger, I only ASSUME I don't like most of them.  I could write a list as long as my arm full of foods I don't like, but truthfully, there would probably only be a couple on there I have tried. Sure you say, you are an adult now... just try them.  Do you know how expensive food is now a days?  It would be so wasteful to buy all this new produce, try one bite and throw it all away.  I don't really know how to cook any of them, besides the obvious boiling.  Ok, then hide them in foods...mask the flavor.  That might be well and good if YOU were cooking for me, but as the cook, I still know they are in there and will automatically "taste" them and not enjoy my meal

So, there you have it.  Those are my 2 major excuses.

Trying to encourage myself to do better, I have resorted to posting signs to remind me:

Note on the fridge

Note inside the cupboard door

See, they mean business....they have my middle name on them...and you know how much trouble it is when your middle name is involved!

The days of the week I am home are the toughest for me.  At work, I pack things to eat and that is it! At home, I browse in the cupboard, grab something I don't need, like marshmallows or chocolate chips.

Today, I would say I ate less, but not necessarily better.  I am working up to eating better slowly.  That change will be hard, but if I can move a bit more and eat a little less, for now it should balance itself out.

Until next time,



  1. I'm truly sorry, Amy. In order to lose weight & be healthy, you must experiment with fruits & veggies & find the ones you like. F&V are essential to a healthy diet. There are some yummy ones out there!! Open your mind (and your mouth!). You DO want to set a good example for your munchkins (and your DH). You should look into a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) close to you. A box of local goodness... For you & your family. It would be a surprise every time!

  2. Hey Teri...that is all very true!

    Here's a great idea....come and cook them for me!!!

  3. Be brave - eat 'em raw!

  4. I love you little notes - what a great idea!

  5. I'm with you on the food addiction thing. I also say I'm addicted and you can't go without so what to do.

    To address the treat issue, I don't buy them. I figure no one needs them and I'm the shopper so screw the rest of the family - no joke. Plus, I feel that's there is so much sugar and extra processed what nots that it's probably a good idea not to buy. Also, treats are expensive and we are cheap - so no treats!

    But all kids need treats so I make them! When we want cookies, I make them from scratch. That way I know what goes in and it takes time which means you might not want them after you make them - no instant gratification. I also make Popsicles from no sugar jello pudding or orange juice - huge hits!

    As for the veggies, we hardly eat them. But there are veggies that the kids like and so do we. Corn on the cob, broccoli, frozen peas and red pepper. So, I buy them and let the kids eat as much as they want. Fruits are big in our house and you can't possibly say you hate watermelon right?! Plus, it's all water - so indulge! You will get full and hydrated!

    For recipe ideas on eating healthier check out the Looneyspoon cook books. They are a Canadian collection and they are fabulous! You'll be eating low fat and you won't care! The third book in the series is the best!

    Whatever you do don't deny yourself anything. If you like cheese, have a slice but stop. If you like chocolate have some and stop. It's not so much cutting out foods but it's the stopping that's important!

    Plus, keep a food journal. That made me lose so much weight! Write down everything you eat in one regular day. It's time consuming and you'll hate it and then you'll probably hate yourself when you see what you've written but the next day you won't eat as much because you won't want the list to be so big. This is a good way to count calories as well and totally works.

    Hope all these tips help!

    Keep up the great work!