Friday, May 25, 2012

A New Beginning?

Why start another blog you ask?

This blog has been some time in the making, or rather…a bit of jockeying back and forth of whether I should do it or not.

Did I really want to commit like this?

Finally, after a good discussion with one of my bestest friends, I decided to “Just Do It”

At first, I thought I would do this blog, but keep it secret or make it invite only.  Then after a bit of soul searching, I realized I was inspired to do this by others who have done the same thing.  What if making my blog “public” helped someone else with their weight struggle?  If it helps motivate even one person, that is a good thing.

My big reveal and number logging nights will start on Tuesday and be posted each consecutive Tuesday.  Why Tuesday you ask?  This is the night each week where I get on the scales.  But until then, I thought I would blog a bit of background.  Some of you already know it, but for those who don’t, read if you like.

When did my weight loss struggles start?

I have faced weight issues my ENTIRE life!    My mom says they started around the same time I started school, so age 5.  I don’t know myself any other way.  It’s not like some people who put on the weight as they got older or had children.  I don’t have skinny pictures to look at and remind me what I used to look like.  So, I find it hard to visualize myself in another skin.

My weight issues also mean I have been the butt end of jokes and bullying.  I hated school from day one.  Kids are cruel and my circle of friends was pretty small, limited to only the people who were accepting.  Please don’t take this as complaining or a cry for pity.  It’s not. Fact is, my past has made me the person I am today.  The few friends I have are true friends and I value those relationships dearly.  Besides, I doubt those other people are even aware of the way they behaved.  I run into a lot of them on a regular basis and am friendly with them.  I don’t hold it against them by any means.  They are the ones that missed out on being friends with a person who would drop everything to support a friend.

Not unlike anyone else, I have tried to lose weight countless times, trying countless ideas or plans.  Here is a little secret about me.  I am NOT motivated by much of anything really and am pretty fickle.  I get interested in something and go balls to the wall for about a week or two and then it gets boring or hard and I decide it’s just easier to quit.  Not a good combination really, but at least I can admit it.  If I have my choice, I would hole up at home, watching TV and eating cheesecake, never stepping outside except to get more cheesecake.  A girl can dream right?

I should also put this disclaimer in right now for those who don’t know me or know me well.  My sense of humor is sarcastic, take what you read here with a grain of salt.  I will make fun of myself and everyday life, but I am not doing it to be degrading to myself, it’s just the way I am...just like I’m fat!

So, why start this new blog?

Aside from perhaps motivating someone else, I need it to be accountable.  I joined TOPS (Take Off Pounds Sensibly) to help do that.  The program makes me get on a scale each Tuesday and being leader of our chapter ensures I continue to go.  But I am finding it not to be enough!  I need people checking up on me, commenting that I need to work a bit harder, walk a few more steps, eat a little less.  That is what I hope my readers will do for me.  Now, I also know it’s not fair to ask that of others.  I got myself into this, I should get myself out of it. If you decide to follow this new blog, please make sure you comment honestly.  Don’t be afraid of hurting my feelings…perhaps that is what I need.  I don’t figure I will link this one up to Facebook after each post, so keep checking back and tell your friends if you think they may find it interesting to read.

Well, that is a good start to my new blog I think.  I have a few days to post some more background stuff. 

Feel free to ask questions or if there is something you would like me to blog about, make it knows.

Until next time



  1. You go girl! I commend you for doing this as I know it will really help motivate others to do the same. We all need support to do the hard stuff. I find myself in a different situation, I don't need to lose weight, but I have to change my diet/lifestyle to be more health healthy (docs orders). I am finding it very tough as I am like you and not highly motivated or fickle about starting and stopping routines. But if you can put it out there and be accountable to make changes, I am sure you will be an encouragement to me to press on to better health!

  2. Amy, I love it how when you say you are going to do something you do it!! Already I'm proud of you!! Everyone needs motivation and everyone needs some accountability as well. Thanks for stepping up to the plate ( and on the scale).

  3. Amy,

    I've been reading this blog since you started it and I have been pondering and thinking about how I can help you on this journey. I have some 'words of wisdom' (all about perception, right?!)that I think will work for you and some that might make you think I'm crazy and some that you might hate. You're asking for honest comments and I can try but I don't want to hurt your feelings. I do want you to succeed and I'm so proud of you already for knowing that you need to do something to be healthier - I think that's the first step. I have another friend who is probably close to 300 lbs. She has two young kids, an overweight husband who has heart trouble and she just had gallbladder surgery with complications as a result of her weight and still she hasn't woken up.

    I'm so happy you're awake!