Sunday, August 19, 2012

Goal Review

On July 9th, I set myself a mini goal.

It was to lose 30lbs by Christmas.

Since I made that goal, I haven't actually reviewed how I was doing at all.

So that is what I did tonight.

Let's see shall we?

July 4: 263.25 lbs
August 14: 255.50 lbs

That is a loss of 7.75 lbs.

It's not too bad, but I was hoping to lose 2lbs a week, which means I am about 3 lbs behind.

This is back to my week of focus.  Holidays are all over for everyone.  The treadmill has been dusted off.  Fruit has been bought and lunch made.

I can't wait.  It might be too late for the scales this Tuesday, but I will be happy with a small loss, but next Tuesday?  Watch out!  Maybe I can do another 5 pounder!!

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