Sunday, August 26, 2012

Weekend Wrap Up!

Well, I was able to find time to blog tonight.

I am off the treadmill for a few days.  My foot is really bothering me and I have to get that all fixed up before I go at it again.  I was so disappointed.  I had gotten myself back on track, the scales at home are showing a good loss.  But on Friday...I finally had enough with the foot pain.  I had to go to work and "whine" to my boss.

For those of you who don't know...I work at an office that makes Custom Foot Orthoses, so it is VERY silly for me to have sore feet!  My boss quickly cast me for the orthotics and worked REALLY hard to have them for me before we went home that day.  It's usually a 3 week turn around time...but for a stellar employee, such as myself, same day service!

They need some adjusting, so I haven't gotten a chance to use them yet.

So, I thought I would give a quick garden update.

It's doing SO well this year.  I had a big problem with it, that you can read about on my other blog, here!

I have 5 plants and they are LOADED with fruit!

This haul I passed off to the neigbour!
Last batch went to the daycare

Romaine Lettuce....almost done!

Green Peppers


Second last hill of potatoes
(sniff sniff)

I hope if you have a garden it grew well for you this year.

If you live around me and feel like a tomato...PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE just stop and grab a couple...I mean it!

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  1. Amy! What are you doing to get those tomato plants so big?! My little guy is still growing, but i feel like there could be more I can do! Do you use tomato plant food??