Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The Truth Of Tuesday Night

Ok, so I know you might be getting tired of this title, but what can I say?

It represents what Tuesday means to me.  It's "Judgement Day"...the day where I see either how well or poor I have done.

I have said it a couple times over the last week.


I let myself get off track and am just now getting back on.

I knew I would not see great results on the scale as I hadn't really tried my hardest until about Sunday.

I vouched that starting Monday, I would cut back on sweets and stuff and monitor what I ate and exercise more.

With no further hesitations...

Last week: 255.50 lbs
This week: 255.50 lbs

Thank goodness!  I suspect my couple days of staying focused is what made this happen.

On a brighter note...today I had 6 people compliment me on my weight loss so far.

Firstly, one of Abby's daycare teachers told me how amazing I look!  What a great way to start your day and it's not the first time she has said this!  It's fantastic to hear that from someone, especially when you can't see the changes yourself.

Then tonight, I left the house early enough to walk with some of my TOPS group members.  They too said they saw me walking down the road and had to wonder for a moment if it was me and how good I was looking.


on my way out of the church tonight, one more member told me I was looking thinner.  She drove by as the group of us was out walking and she wasn't 100% sure if I was with them because she couldn't tell if it was me or not.

Compliments are a funny thing!  I love giving them and it makes me feel so great.  I don't know how to receive them well though.  I am getting better at it and now say "thanks...I am working really hard at it"

I will also admit that I am not one to GIVE compliments.  Partly I think because I just assume everyone reacts the same way I do....with that in mind, why would I not think that it would make their day for someone to notice the changes in them.

So, tell ya what....if you know someone working to lose weight...tell them they look good if you notice!

I also said I would start tracking food and do a food diary...instead I will just quickly breakdown calories in vs. calories out.

Calories In: 1444
Calories Out: 164
Results: 396 under

Until next time,


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