Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The Truth Of Wednesday Night?

OK, OK, so this post is a day late.

Basically, I have no numbers to share.  I skipped my meeting on Tuesday.  I just wasn't feeling it.  It was dreary and rainy and I just felt BLEH!

I am on week two of no exercise!

I hate it!

I went from feeling fabulous, sexy and healthy to feeling blech, lumpy and fat!

I thought my orthotics did the trick as of last Tuesday.  I woke up Wednesday morning and could barely even stand on my feet!

Since then, I have been struggling to get them right and do everything else that needs to be done.  What I should be doing is getting off of my feet completely for a few days, but with a house to run and kids to look after...NOT GONNA HAPPEN!

My feet hurt so much I can't even walk from one room to the next and after about 10 minutes on them, I need to sit for 10 to recover.

I did do some bike riding with the kids a couple days last week and it's easy on the feet, but it's not my favorite and I don't like to do it when it's hot out.  That is why I love my's indoors in the A/C!

So, there you have it.  That's my blog full of excuses as to why I can't exercise and didn't go to my meeting.

I plan to be out of my slump for next week's meeting.  It's "new recipie" night and I am taking a version of mashed potatoes made out of cauliflower.  I've been told you can't taste the difference, so we will see!

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  1. Amy, the cauliflower trick does work!! Just make sure you get the right consistency out of it. We tricked our picky veggie-hating roommate with them once, but the 2nd time they were so lumpy it was pretty terrible! Also, the veg is more watery than potatoes... so not as much milk (or other liquid you use) is needed.... just go by taste! ;)