Saturday, September 29, 2012

The Truth of Tuesday Night - Saturday Edition

Sorry it's a few days late friends!

Things here in my new crafty world are C-R-A-Z-Y!!!

I didn't anticipate it being so busy!  It's thrilling and consuming all of my spare time!

The scales were not my friend last week!  I am still REALLY struggling with my foot and being able to move on it.  It's become the perfect excuse to do NO exercise!  It was only a matter of time before the scales caught up with me.

Last week: 251.25 lbs
This week: 252.50 lbs

A gain of 1.25 lbs.  That's enough to get me back in check.  I have a couple weeks to get myself back into the losses again.  I won't be attending this upcoming Tuesday.  Hubby is away for work and I don't want to cart the kids down.

Well, back to painting!

Happy losing everyone!

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  1. Amy:

    You ROCK!

    ..That is all. Thank you for reading this PSA.