Thursday, June 27, 2013

Non-Scale Victory # 10

I must admit, it was a bit tricky to think of a victory that was not scale related.  My TOPS meeting this past Tuesday was for the sole purpose of celebrating the scale.  I am proud that I came home with a few rewards.

My non-scale victory is only 2 days in the making.  After my meeting on Tuesday, I was inspired to do better.  I set myself a goal of getting in at least 10,000 steps a day.

Work-wise I am an office administrator in a not so busy office.  I spend the majority of my days sitting.  I decided to take a more "active" approach.  Instead of taking 3 files at a time, I have been taking one and making 3 trips.  It's a slow increase in steps but every little bit counts.

I made sure I had my IPod Nano all charged up and set to count steps first thing in the morning.  I slipped it in my pocket and set about my day.

By the time I had a finished my "typical" day, which includes vacuuming, cooking, getting out pajamas for the kids, etc. my step count was about 6400.  I would say that is pretty average for a day.  It also meant that I still had about 3500 more steps to go to reach my goal.

Seeing that it's still hot and humid around here, I decided to dust off the treadmill and do my walk.  I only really needed to do 20 minutes to get in the steps.

I'm not 100% confident of the accuracy of my I Pod when it's in my pocket, but I do know it's bang on if I hold it flat in my hand while walking.

By 7:45 tonight, here is how I made out:

I actually did about 200 more steps (at least) after I took it out of my pocket to charge.
I made a concerted effort to walk today.  I got home early from work today.  After folding some laundry and pacing the entire time I folded, I went to get the kids from daycare.  Instead of taking the most direct, 5 minute route, I looped around the village for a good half hour walk.  It was muggy and hot and royally sucked!  However, it did mean I could just sit on my butt tonight and write this blog.
I really do hope to keep it up until next Tuesday.
This is my only change for the week. Often I try and make myself do it all, eat well and exercise and end up failing at both.  Perhaps this approach will work better.
Having a non-scale victory also means I am joining the link up, come check out the other bloggers and get inspired!

Until next time,


  1. Wahoo on surpassing your goal! It is awesome to set goals, and even awesomer (is that a word?) to surpass those goals! It is amazing how much those little things like taking one file at a time really adds up! Keep up the good work and thanks for linking up with us!!

  2. I'm getting inspired by you. 11,000 steps! That surpass your goals. Congrats and good luck with keeping up with this habit.


  3. I read this as soon as you posted, but didn't get a chance to comment!

    That is awesome to hit/pass your goal 2 days in the making! Keep it up!!

    My daily goal for my FitBit is 10,000 too, but I sometimes forget to wear the little bugger so I miss out! :-( Maybe my inspiration should be to not forget to wear it! ;-)

    Keep it up girly!!! :) :) :)

  4. What an amazing feeling to meet your goal. You go! :D

  5. Congratulations on your NSV!

  6. Hi Amy! Nice job on your NSV :) The small changes you made at work are great and definitely add up to more steps taken! What kinds of music do you like listening to on your ipod? I have a small ipod and that is a nice idea to just turn it on while doing chores/housework... I usually blast Pandora from my TV which is not smart electicity-wise. I commend you for changing your route to day care, I *hate* the humidity and probably would have jumped in my car, yucky! Can't wait to read more...

  7. Nice! When you get into it, your daily goals seem so small!