Thursday, June 20, 2013

Non-Scale Victory # 9

I meant to do this victory last week but time got away from me, so I decided to share it this week.

While my victory on the scale was pretty wonderful this week (you can read about it here), this post celebrates victories away from the scale.

Let me introduce you to my veggie garden.

I am not a huge veggie eater, but I did grow up with fresh grown food and I can appreciate all it offers - better flavor, ready for the picking and easy on the pocket book.

Since I have had my own home, I have grown something to harvest.  Last year, we transformed our front flower bed into a mock veggie garden.  It did SUPER and this year, we increased the size.

Let's take a little tour:

At the back (L - R), there is a gap of earth, that is carrots, then you have two patches of romaine lettuce, one a little further ahead than the other and 5 tomato plants.

In front, we have a couple more tomato plants, with green peppers planted in between

4 green pepper plants together and the grass like plant is garlic

Finally, the potato plants.  There are about 50 plants up.  That should get us through the summer with potatos.  Each hill is about 1 meal, depending on the size.  Nothing beats fresh potatoes and my family eats them with almost every meal.

These pictures were taken last week. Since that time, the potato plants have doubled in size and everything is looking so strong and healthy!  Can't wait to harvest time. 

Everyone can grow a garden, no matter where you live.  Give up the conventional thinking that flower beds are for flowers.  Last year, I had people think my potato plants were pretty shrubs.  You can even some veggies in the house if you have NO outdoor space.  But even if you live in an apartment, you can plant something for your balcony.

Try it, it's fun and rewarding....good exercise too!

Joining the link up, hope you will too!



  1. We have a garden for the second year in a row, and our stuff is getting ready to produce! I love seeing the progress with is, and it seems like it happens over night!! I agree that anyone could do it, and its totally worth it!! Thanks for linking up with us!

  2. What a cute garden!! We have a tiny little herb garden on our deck (literally just chives, parsley, and basil), but I'd love to have a full one like yours. That's awesome!!

  3. Love having a garden. I didn't do anything this year, but make my weekly trips to the Farmer's Market. Gardens are wonderful and relaxing and good exercise. Great NSV!