Friday, September 6, 2013

Let's Get Serious!

Listen up folks, it's time to put my serious face on!

This year has SUCKED!  Both weight-wise and otherwise.  It is very safe to say that 2013 is NOT my year!

I have learned a few things being that I am not a stress eater....I am an annoyed eater.  It might come across as stressed, as in the kids are fighting, dinner is boiling over and the dog won't lay down, but really it is annoyance I am feeling, not stress.  True stress makes me not hungry at all!  But if I am annoyed with the situation at hand...I suddenly feel like chocolate will make everything better....and it does.....for a few minutes, until it sits for a bit and I feel sick to my stomach.

After attending TOPS on Tuesday and being up again on the scale by .25 lbs, I was determined this week.  I know what I have to do and the results of that will pay off.

I am logging and walking.  I have about a million miles to make up for in my walking challenge with Julie.  If I don't get that act in order, she is going to be sitting in Troutville, sipping Margaritas (or whatever the drink of choice is in Troutville) by herself, while I sprint across state lines to meet her.

I was also spurred into gear while out for a walk at work on Thursday.  There is something about that moment when you realize the man standing in front of you looks better in a skirt then you do!  I give him props for having the courage to wear such a short skirt...I don't have the nerve!

I have also upped my fibre intake.  I wish I could say that I am filling my plate with salads and other fruits and veggies, but not really.  I bought some no name Metamucil and am adding it to my water.  So far, I can report that there is no noticeable effect, taste or other-wise, aka, I am NOT writing this from the bathroom.

I need to focus, it's getting to be a good time of year for if there is ever a bad time!  It's going to be getting colder and I am prepping for a  craft sale at the end of October that will have me saying "I can't walk, I have to paint"  I will have to either get it done earlier in the day or stay up later at night.

I just need to keep focused for the rest of this week and then hopefully I will have a loss on the scale to encourage me to do it again.

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