Tuesday, September 10, 2013

The Truth Of Tuesday Night

So, I didn't post last week because my results were pretty crappy....not terrible, only .25 lb gain, but still enough to make me disappointed in myself once again.

After last week, I vowed to get myself back on track 100% and figure this crap out!  I was getting disappointed in the whole thing...myself, my lack of commitment to food journalling and eating well, disappointment in being so many km's behind on my journey to Troutville, etc, etc, etc!

I did pretty good and had the results to show for it....like I figured I would.

So back to the numbers:

Last week my weight was:  245.25 lbs

This week: 244.00 lbs.

Down 1.25 lbs.

I am not going to celebrate it much yet, I have a tendency to blow it after a good week.

Here is a bit of inspiration to get you through your week, in case you are in a rough patch too!

1 comment:

  1. I love the UMPH phrase! Sometimes that's all I need to get my butt in gear!!!

    Tomorrow will be a busybusybusy day, but I'm hoping a little UMPH kick in the butt will help keep me on track!

    Here's hoping to a good week!! :)

    <3 U!!