Monday, November 4, 2013


In an attempt to get my crap in order, I faced the hard truth and told myself I need to do a better job at taking lunch.  Out of nothing more than pure laziness, I have not really prepared myself lunch properly in over 2 months.  If left overs are not available, I tend to throw in  PB and J, a granola bar and a couple other things.  Never enough to really get  me through the day.  My other option is to go and get something.

So, when I went grocery shopping Sunday, I kept that in mind and picked up some stuff for lunch.

This actually is a breakfast/lunch combo.  Let's have a look shall we?
First off, to anyone who knows me real well is probably asking what the heck that green leafy stuff is in my lunch. Yes, it's a salad!  When I went to TOPS rally on Saturday, they had a green salad and I tried some. It was tolerable actually and I figured with time, I won't mind it.  So, it's just the store bought bagged salad with a  mix of iceberg and romaine lettuce, carrots and red cabbage.  I also added some cucumber, red onion, cherry tomatoes and red pepper.  The salad dressing is a light sundried tomato and oregano.   I also have a cherry cheesecake Greek yogurt, a light babybel cheese, the green container is full of almonds, 3 Hersey kisses for my sweet tooth after lunch, some left over chicken breast.  The container with the blue lid is raspberries, a clementine and the mason jar is basically a bloody mary without the booze!

Planning a nice lunch makes me excited.  I should make a point of doing it. 


  1. I haven't seen that greek yogurt before! might have to check it out
    Your lunch looks good. Hopefully soon you will try some other lettuces, like baby spinach or even romaine... many more nutrients! But its still a good start!
    I need to get back into making lunches again... so bad!
    Where did you get that container? Did you add stuff to it, or what it just like that?

  2. Nice lunch. I love the variety. That wouldn't be enough for me for breakfast and lunch. Perfect for lunch and an afternoon snack. The mornings are so important for fueling up.

    Love you positive attitude. Keep it up

  3. Your lunch looks delicious! Are you going to throw in the chicken to your salad?!?!

    Another way to get the leafy stuff in is to make a salad wrap with a whole wheat or even a whole grain wrap/pita! Toss alittle of the dressing in there and you've got a portable lunch! <3

  4. Your lunch looks great! I am so proud of you for packing your own lunch like that and taking it to work. Hope this will be a great new habit for you to continue on with! :)

  5. That is a very nice lunch. I go through the same stuff of eating not the greatest lunches for a while too. It's great when you get back into the routine. :D