Thursday, November 7, 2013

Non-Scale Victory - # 15

It has been quite some time since I have participated in a non-scale victory link up.
Thing is, I just really lost my flow and wasn’t trying.  I was getting by, but not progressing and felt like there wasn’t much to brag about.  I didn’t walk every day or log food or even really attempt to eat better.
However, over the course of the past week and a half, that has changed.  The “shift” occurred and I am back at it.
Part of it is a couple great experiences with my weight loss support group. Another part is my walking challenge with Julie and knowing that I am significantly behind and now need to work my tail off to catch up.
So, I have a couple victories to share today
  1.  Getting back on track.  I pretty much lost my focus from the very beginning of this year.  It’s now November and I plan to be lighter by the end of the year.  I’m not setting a certain number goal, just a basic one to weight less by December 31 than I do now.
  2. I walked my tail off this week, Tuesday in particular.  I’m proud that I am making a dent in my deficit for the competition.
  3.  I made shortbread yesterday and only had about 5.  None today and no real craving for them today after yesterday's go with them.
  4. I didn’t make myself a lunch last night for work today.  I bantered back and forth with myself this morning over it.....make it...make it.  In the end, I compromised.  I packed some fruit and veggies and on my walk picked up a 6" ham and cheese sandwich.
Here is to another great week with the hopes I have some more to share next week.
Check out the link up everyone!  Very inspirational


  1. So much inspiring NSV. I have lack of motivations these days. Glad to read about your achievement. Empowering me. Thanks for sharing the positive vibe.

  2. Getting back on track is always the biggest victory. Keep on keepin' on! Congratulations!

  3. Amy, compromise is GOOD! you took the good stuffs from home, and yeah maybe the sammich isn't the GREATEST thing for you, it sure beats the hell out of mountain dew and m&m's for lunch! Way to go!! :-)