Wednesday, July 23, 2014

A Week of Goals

I was talking with my bestie, Julie, about how frustrated I was.  That I can't seem to commit to anything since April.  I can't commit to eating well, to exercising, going to my TOPS meetings or my blog.

I am just frustrated with the whole process, yet can't bring myself to make the changes necessary.  Each week I tell myself it will be a better week, I will exercise each day and count my calories....but by lunch time the next day I have forgotten and blow it completely until the next week when I vow to start over.

With oh-so-wise advice, she suggested I take it just one day a time....set one goal each day and do your best to stick to it.  If I don't, just start fresh the next day with the new goal.  I have gotten into the mentality that it's all or nothing with this journey.  I have to have everything on par because if I don't, they will work against each other and the whole thing is pointless.

So, inspired by her wise words and a TOPS exercise of creating a daily inspiration calendar, I have put together some goals for the week.

Starting yesterday, my goals for the week are as follows:

Tuesday - go to TOPS
Wednesday - drink 8 glasses of water
Thursday - be thankful
Friday - walk
Saturday - eat in moderation
Sunday - walk
Monday - remember...1 pound at a time

Well, I managed to hit my goal for Tuesday and am par with my water challenge for today.  To help with my goal today, I put a sticky note on the water cooler and am marking each glass I have.

What goal can you set for today?


  1. Perfect idea! Just one small goal per day is completely do-able!

  2. I LOVELOVELOVE that your daily goals are not all about food/etc.

    By adding some "other types" of goals, you will help make this daily goal thing a habit and soon your daily goals will just seem like normal things! And eventually maybe you can make 2 daily goals! But we'll address that when we get there!

    I am proud of you bestie!!

    <3 <3 <3

  3. Great Post
    I like you am frustruted and I can't seem to "get it together"
    Daily is definitely something to think about

  4. Totally agree with Julie! Just because you screw up one day does not mean you should wait a whole week to start fresh. You should just start fresh. So, you screw up. Everyone screws up. And making small goals is perfect. Pretty soon you'll have the goals you listed down pat and you'll make bigger goals and so on and so forth!

  5. I love this idea it's so great! And so doable.

  6. I love what your friend Julie said. When I started on my journey, I started by asking myself, "What am I willing to do?". I have try to set small minimums that I require of myself on a daily basis and build on that. Sometimes it I not that we aren't motivated, but that we feel overwhelmed by too many goals. You are doing awesome :)