Tuesday, September 30, 2014

The Truth Of Tuesday Night

Well, the contest I started at TOPS last week did me well...at least in terms of paying attention to what I was eating and getting my exercise in.

I logged it all...the good and the bad.

The results are in:

Last week: 251.75 lbs
This week: 251.25 lbs

Loss of  0.50 lbs

My downfall was the overabundance of mint girl guide cookies in the house this week.  I'm the contact guider for our local girl guide group, so on top of storing and selling...we had to sample them too (not as an official rule of course)

Two of these babies will set you back 120 calories, which is pretty standard for cookies really...HOWEVER, they are about the quarter of the size of a regular cookie and you almost need 4 to get the same portion.  Do you know how easily 4 turns into 8 turns into 12?  Super easy!

I plan to indulge less in them.  I took a little survey at the meeting tonight to see which of us members that logged food ALSO lost weight....5 out of 6 of us did.  Time and time again it proves that logging works.  I should get that through my thick skull!!

Here's to another good week with the scale on the downside!


  1. Logging does work!! But so does accountability!! Not only to yourself but your other person!! <3 <3

    I am very proud the scales were nice to you this week!! :-) <3

  2. Hello my accountabilabuddy !!

  3. You can do this. You really can. Log until you're comfortable not logging and until you're going forward on a continuous basis. You won't be doing it forever I promise!