Wednesday, September 10, 2014

The Truth Of Tuesday Night

Last night was my return to routine!

I got my butt back to TOPS after 3 weeks away, and truthfully, missing much of the summer as well.

The last time I weighed in was August 12th.

Last weigh: 249.75

This week: 251.25 lbs

The last time I was able to squeak by without going over my mental goal of 250, however I knew there was no chance of it this time.  I have made 0 effort to this journey...eating until I was stuffed and more treats and desserts than one person needs.

My treadmill had so much dust collected that it was embarrassing.

Each each before our TOPS meeting, a small group of members get together and walk.  I even managed to get myself out of the house to make it on time for that.  I can tell you this, that walk was much harder for me than is used to be or should have been...but that is what happens when you have done little exercise since April.

My day today was pretty good.  It was my first day off with both kids at school and I promised myself that once that day came, I would make Wednesdays about ME!

I walked the kids to school and continued on for my own walk.  It was a lovely morning.  When I got home, I hung out some laundry, grabbed a book and sat in the hot tub for 20 minutes.  The rest of the day was filled with household stuff, but I didn't spend it sitting on the couch for sure!  I'm already looking forward to next Wednesday!


  1. That's a really good quote.... I will do what I can and that's enough. Sometimes it's setting up the unreasonable expectations that can really be the hardest part! <3 <3