Monday, October 29, 2012

Take 2!

So, has anyone noticed that I missed a week in blogging?

My girlfriend up north did and was kind enough to send me a little note....telling me I was a very bad girl!

Thanks Teri!

We had a little conversation that went something like this:

Me ( Tuesday) - I need chocolate!!  Skipping my meeting tonight!!

Her (Tuesday) - Go to your meeting...your group needs you!

I didn't get her e-mail until Thursday

Her (Thursday) - you ignored my advice didn't you?  Hope you at least enjoyed the chocolate bar!  No blog?  BAD AMY!!

Me - yeah, I have been living in "ignore-ville" this past week.

Her - I don't think that's a good place for you, perhaps you should consider moving?

Me - I'm packing right now, heading off to "moveyourass-ville"

It's great to have a friend that will give you the gentle nudge to move along.  It took me a bit longer than planned to pack up for my move to "moveyourass-ville" and I must admit, I am just at a bit of a road stop right now, but I can see the sign telling me I am almost there.

Last week was just a BLECH week.  I had no desire to go to my meeting and in the end, my husband ended up working late, so it would have been difficult to go (not impossible mind you).  I for sure felt I had blown it.  I didn't follow my plan as scheduled once the weekend hit.  My road was paved with good intentions for sure!  The scales at home showed that despite my bad weekend, I still was down a bit.

New week, new rules right?

Treadmill TONIGHT...FOR SURE!  I will run through the pain, both mental and physical.  We will see how the foot holds up!

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