Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The Truth Of Tuesday Night

Remember....I said this was my week to get back on track.

I left my meeting last night determined for it to be the truth.  So far so good.  I just keep reminding myself that I am staying true to being on track.  It's's a CONSTANT reminder!  Want that wine gum?  Do I really need it?

Of course I don't NEED it, but I sure as hell WANT it!  I resisted.

As for the scales last night?

They were good to me once again.

Last week: 251.00 lbs
This week: 250.50 lbs

I am SOOOO close to my mini goal of being under 250!  Next week for sure!

I also promised I would repeat a good week and food journal.

My calorie goal for each day  was 1572 calories

I'm not going to break down each food item on here (unless you request I do so)

Instead, I am going to compare last time vs. this time and the total number of calories for each meal.

Previous: 1587 calories
Today: 1306 calories

Breakfast: 105 calories
Lunch: 467 calories
Dinner: 742 calories
Snack: 98 calories

Calories Burned: 107 calories

RESULT: -266 calories

I wonder if I will have the same results as last time (5 lbs lost) or if other factors will change those results.  I am not eating the EXACT same food nor am I doing the EXACT same exercise.  Next Tuesday will be very telling!

I hope some of my followers are doing their own "repeat" week!  Would love to hear your results!

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