Monday, February 4, 2013

I Kept My Pants!

Confession time!

I kept the pants I told all of you I was going to throw out last week!

Now, before you get too harsh on me, let me explain.

There I was, in the bedroom, getting all set to take them to the kitchen to save the buttons for my new button collection when it occurred to me!

I don't have ANY fat pants left!

Big deal you might be are not supposed to save your fat clothes. 

But yeah!  Listen!  I NEED them!  I need them for the day I have an interview with Oprah, where we discuss just how much weight I lost and how I did it.  At some point I will have to hold up my old pants and say....see two of the new me would fit into the pants worn by the old me!

For those of you thinking....did you miss the memo that Oprah is retired?  Well, my story is going to be so spectacular that she will host a special just for little ol' me!

Speaking of Oprah...just wanted to point out...she is proof that money won't solve your weight loss problems either.  I mean, here is a woman that can afford her own chef, her own personal trainer and how many times has see been on and off the weight loss wagon? 

Anyhoo, back to the pants.  I saved them and put them back into my closet, but I WILL NOT wear them again until the day comes that I need to stand in one pant leg to prove just how awesome I am!


  1. Too funny Amy! But a very good point!

  2. Don't worry, I'm keeping one pair of my size 24's for that day too! :)