Thursday, February 14, 2013

The Truth Of Tuesday Night

Now, before you give me hassle for posting this on Thrusday, let me write my disclaimer.

I tried to write this, but my computer at home is crappy and somedays it lets me use it and somedays it doesn't.  Tuesday night and Wednesday were both "DOESN'T" days so I had to wait until I got to work today.

So last week on the scales I weighed in at:

246.50 lbs

This week when I jumped on the scales:

245.50 lbs.

That's a loss of 1 pound.  A miracle all on it's own as I didn't work very hard. 

Our TOPS meeting on Tuesday was great.

We had a guest.  She is a rep for Epicure. If you haven't heard of it, it is a company selling spices, usually through a home party, like Tupperware.

I went to my first Epicure party about a month ago and was impressed by the products.  They have a lot of your typical seasonings, like Taco Seasoning and garlic powder.  But firstly, they are a Canadian company and the sodium levels in most of the products are almost 1/3 less than the store bought ones. I purchased myself some potato seasonings and thought it would be a great idea for a meeting. 

TOPS is not techically allowed to have these kind of parties and we left it that she would come and demonstrate ways to use their products to make meals healither, but no one was under ANY obligation to by.

She put on a wonderful display and I think everyone enjoyed themselves.


  1. I love epicure products. Just wish their shipping charges were cheaper! I need to find a local person to order from and maybe get on with someone else's order. I am out of a few things I really want.

  2. Glad you were able to post, I have been anxiously waiting for your post on your TOPS meeting! Nice job losing your 1 pound. It is something and certainly better than nothing. Keep up the good work, it is certainly tough to stick with at times.

  3. So, the Epicure isn't some sort of magical weight-loss powder? The products are just simply lower sodium/etc alternatives to your standard grocery store spices/seasonings? This is an interesting concept.... Great post :)

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