Thursday, February 21, 2013

The Truth Of Tuesday Night

Ok, so I really  need to figure out something with my computer.  The one at home is just not working for my blog.

Anyway, so here is my Truth Of Tuesday Night on a Thursday.

There is not much to report really.  We once again decided to cancel our meeting.  The weather on Tuesday wasn't great.  It was snowing and raining.  We have some members that travel country roads and few that have a bit of a drive.  I was afraid that as the night went on, it would get colder and the drive to and from the meeting could be dicy.

I don't feel it would have been good anyway.  The scales at home say UP. 

It's funny, you would think after all this time, I should be a full time expert on weight loss. And I practically am (just kidding, please don't take this seriously)  I know all the things that need to be done and am great to offer advice (oh and by the way, I don't do that to be a hypocrite, I do it because perhaps the knowledge that I know is good and right, might be helpful to others)

I am once again promising to try and have a good week.  I once again took the steps to becoming a "responsible adult"  The first step was on Wednesday when I realized that despite the fact that every bone of my body will protest, I need to get up early in the morning to exercise.  Not because I think it will make it more enjoyable, because my comfy bed cannot be convinced.  It was because my stomach issues are worse at night and for the past few weeks I have not felt well enough to get on the treadmill.

I do also have the reasoning for my stomach issues...turns out I have gallstones.  I had tried to put off the visit for the longest of times, because I was so afraid it was going to be something real nasty and serious.  About a month ago, I just couldn't put if off anymore.  After an ultrasound, the results were in.

I saw the specialist today and the surgery to remove my gallbladder is booked for the end of March, just before Easter.  It is just a day procedure and I should be fine to go back to work after a couple of days.  It's a laproscopic surgery with a minor incision.  I'm not nervous (yet) and hope that it will improve things.  For now, running is completely out of the question until things are fixed. 

So, there we go! Those are my excuses and my plan for the week.  Have a great week everyone!

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  1. Amy!-

    Laproscopic surguries are alot more safer than they used to be! You're probably looking at three small incisions, one for the scope, one for the cutter, one for the grabber, and some tenderness is that area. Be prepared to take it easy for at least a week even when you go back to work. Gallstones are no fun, but the gallbladder is so useless anyway that at least it's not something super-serious (obviously this is somewhat serious, but you know what I mean).

    Anyway, I hope everything gets better. I have started an excuses jar, and for every time I make an excuse not to do something beneficial for me I put in 2 quarters (and NOT quarters from our normal change dish!!).

    I think there was something else I wanted to say but I forget. I'm running on 3 hours sleep and I have to drive tomorrow so I'm sleepy! :)