Friday, May 3, 2013

Fitness Friday - 04/27 - 05/03

One of these weeks, I will learn and do a better job of tracking my exercise throughout the week and not leave it until Friday night. 

I think I remember most of what I did though

Saturday: Nothing in particular or nothing memorable at least

Sunday:  Off to Niagara we go - we did a good 40 minutes of walking up and down Clifton Hill.  Played around in the water park too.

Monday:  Another day in Niagara.  More water park play and sight seeing.  A bit of mini-golf too!

Tuesday:  Home we go.  After realizing I put on a good 6 lbs while away, I got on the treadmill and attempted to run.  My foot gave me a bit of trouble, so I didn't push it.

Wednesday:  Abby and I went for a good 30 minute walk. She was in the stroller, so I did push around a 40 lb weight.  It was also Day 1 of my 30-Day Squat Challenge (50 squats)

Thursday:  Walked the kids to daycare and school.  Went for a 30 minute walk at work and proceeded on to Day 2 of the challenge (55 squats)

Friday: Walked the kids to school and daycare.  After work, I went grocery shopping and to Costco.


I should also be on Day 3 of my squat challenge (60 squats), but I have held off tonight.  I am having some problems with one of my incision sites from my surgery.  It has only been bothering me since about Wednesday.   I am not saying that it was the squats, because as of Wednesday, I also went back to my complete normal routine (carrying laundry, picking up the kids, carrying groceries, etc)  But I decided with a heavy heart to skip my squats today to see if it improves.  Personally, I prefer to blame the laundry and insist that from now on, it better be Brian's job!  I do see the surgeon next week so at the very least, I will get some answers then.

The squats were starting to be effective though, as in I could feel them in my lower thighs, just above my knee caps.  I didn't do them in sets, but did all 50 at once.  I wasn't sure if I could at the beginning when I read over the challenge...but that is part of it right?  To challenge yourself.  It wouldn't be much of a challenge if I didn't at least try!  Tomorrow was supposed to be a rest day from the squats, but if I feel things look good, I will try them.

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