Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The Truth Of Tuesday Night

It was super nice to be back at my meetings!

One of our members (our only male) has been on a role this year with weight loss and the difference in him was STUNNING!  He has lost about 33lbs this year....almost 75lbs in 4 years.  I can't even imagine that at this point...I mean, I want to be there, but can't seem to find the drive and incentive to get there.

Looking at my book, turns out, I have not been to a TOPS meeting in 4 weeks.  Funny how easy it is to skip out.  It gets to the point where it is just as easy to NOT go as it is to go.  I have been in this situation before with the gym and for some reason, it seems so embarrassing to go.  You don't want to hear people say "wow!  forgot what you looked like, it's been so long!"

Two things stopped me from doing that:

  1. I'm the leader and my group counts on me
  2. TOPS needs to be a lifetime commitment for me...I already know that.
It was nice to be back and socialize with my group.  I didn't realize how much a part of my life they are and that they know so much about me and my family.

So, I vowed on the weekend that I will get back on track and that starts RIGHT NOW!

I finished a celebratory wedding anniversary blizzard (8 years married today), but I did only buy myself a mini sized.  Enough to get a good fill, but also have it done in one night.

Tomorrow I am going for a good walk with Abby and will do my best to watch what I eat.

As for the scales...well, I knew it wouldn't be great.  I had been getting on the scale at home during my TOPS absence so I had a bit of a feel for where I was.

The last time I weighted in officially was April 23, at 244.75lbs (my lowest weight to date)
This week: 247.00 lbs

A gain of 2.25 lbs

I want to be back down and my next mini goal is 240 lbs.   I know that once I get below that, I won't go over.  That is how I am with the 250lbs mark.  I will NOT allow myself to be that weight again.

Until next time,



  1. Amy! So glad to hear from you! I'm proud you got back on the horse.... husband would not do that. he'd give up. don't give up! I believe in you! :)

  2. Way to get back on track, keep at it!! :)

  3. Keep going Amy! I've gone 3 weeks in a row now!